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      I just received over 100 clippings of Wings from the 1970's and am currently in the process of typing out the most informative pieces. Here are a few concert reviews ranging from 1973-1976


        Thanks, I read and enjoyed these. Great reviews, a good bit of counter-revisionism as it seems Wings was well regarded in their time, then came a revisionist period after they broke up that tended to discount them. I think it is important that Wings is given their rightful place as a good band that Paul created after the Beatles. I would have loved to see Wings in 1976 at the top of their greatness in the US. My sense is that as the years go on, people will see Wings as an important part of the Paul's legacy.

          Thanks, really enjoyed that!

            Very nice! Can't wait to see more.

              Thanks- a good read. 2 1/2 hours even back then! And he still does this, no let up for the man. What a fantastic performer Macca is!

                "Soily" was described as "stunning" in one of those reviews. 'Nuff said?

                  No revisionism is needed. U.S. reviews for the '76 Wings Over America tour ranged from positive to glowing, and Paul made the cover of both Time and Newsweek.

                    Excellent reading! It is great looking back. Would be cool if there was a book with all articles put together by year. It seems that there are always small details that when you look at now seem cool back then.

                    Podgie (just sitting here Reminiscing) Monkey

                      I was lucky to have been at the last night show at the empire pool (also the last night of the 75/76 world tour) so that review did bring back a lot of happy memories of the best concert i've ever attended. :-)

                        Oh I wish i had been at those 75/76 concerts.................at his prime!

                          I have heard bootlegs of 72 and 73 shows. Really raw and rough. Nowhere near the 75 and 76 Wings. By Wings Over America though, perfection!

                            sarah1471:Oh I wish i had been at those 75/76 concerts.................at his prime!

                            It was magical!!!


                              Single & album reviews now.