Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena - July 10th - CONFIRMED


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      nobodytoldme:This is one of the many reasons why that whole seated concert/champagne big wig seat practice for a damn rock and roll show is so damn decadent and a slap in the face of the true fans.

      Yeah, there's a lot of stuck up people around. And a lot just don't know any better. Shame really.
      Although I like the seats being there...keeps some order to it all.

      I'm hoping you guys aren't talking about me just because I ponied up the cash for a VIP seat

      Goodness no. I did soundcheck too (at Tinley). It's the ones that walk out without a clue...and a few others.

      This! Of course I don't mean the actual fans who paid the price to show the fullest respect and excitement. The whole floor should be filled up with them.

      I mean the opposite, the people for who it doesn't matter if they would go to a night out at the casino, a five-star restaurant or a McCartney concert for an hour.

        In Phoenix a few years ago I was talking to a guy who was waiting for his wife. He asked how much I had paid for my ticket. I told him as it was face value. Guess he wanted to rub in that he worked in the trucking business and had front row tickets. Didn't even know what kind of songs were to be played.

        In Philly in 2014 couple with 2 kids at soundcheck. When Temporary Secretary started, they left for a while. Came back with food and drinks. Guess they didn't like the vegetarian meal.

        In St. Louis, had beer drinkers in our row. Back and forth the entire concert. Got old and it was my first VIP experience. It isn't easy to come up with the money so don't keep getting in front of me.


          Bruce M.:I love "My Valentine." It's easily my favorite of any Paul song since MAF. He can sing it for me anytime. But I agree with all who applaud "You Won't See Me." Great, unbelievably catchy tune, and it's always nice when Paul does an arrangement that's not a note-for-note recreation of the original.

          I like My Valentine as a song, but it's honestly a mood killer live. I like the Capitol Records live version

          It clears the room. I saw Tom Petty Sunday night here in Baltimore, and the fourth song in the set was introduced as being "from our latest record" and people all around me immediately got up. It was like a zombie apocalypse heading for the bathroom and beer lines. This classic rockers need to stop introducing new songs that way. I didn't know the song, but it fit right in the set and kept the flow. "My Valentine" doesn't keep the flow.

          I honestly didn't notice people leaving during "My Valentine" at the show I went to. Or maybe it was just that nobody around me got up.

          What I did notice was this:
          The couple next to me (this is 3rd row, center folks) decided to go t-shirt shopping (I overheard them discuss this) as soon as the rising stage started to elevate . . .they never came back . . .never . . .WHO does that???

          I was third row center too. Must admit I had to sit for rising stage because it hurt my neck to look up! But nice to be in real third row again, even if for a minute before the stage rises. I was third row center in tampa 2005. So lucky to get that seat.

            Thinking about Back in the ussr - they always crank up the volume with that one and my ears start to ring.

              Listening to Highway as we drive across the country. Remembering that one live from a few years ago.