Newark, NJ/Prudential Center/Sept 11 & 12 - CONFIRMED


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      Giggy:Oh, and sorry to post this here but I didn't see a 9/12 thread.... I have a pair of extra tickets for 9/12 in Newark third row section A for face value ... I put a post on the ticket thread as well. There are only 14 seats in the front sections so it is not far from the center. Just incase anyone is looking for awesome seats for 9/12. I will sell one as well. Just pm me. I'll be at the show too! If you haven't seen him this close at lease once you need to!

      Hi Giggy - I totally agree with you. I have loved Paul for over 50 years and I know there is no way he would be disrespectful. As a part time NY'er, I'm sure Paul felt as much hurt and anguish as any of us. Even though the events of 9/11 were horrific, the people who survived must go on with their lives and seeing and listening to Paul is always healing and comforting. Thank you for confirming my feelings. Enjoy your shows! I'll be there on the 12th

        Wow, this thread has been so quiet re. the show! It's tomorrow night, folks! Is anyone else going?? And it's not just this thread that's quiet: nothing much about it locally. I haven't heard anyone mention it, there was nothing in the local paper. I really thought it would be a bigger deal, with it being the first time he plays Newark.

          I'm going and super stoked to start my run of 8! Anyone sitting near section 10? Also anyone planning to wait for Paul outside? Where do the performers arrive there?

          BTW any tips about parking? I didn't get the $40 one, but may try for the $25 one across the street. Is it a hassle?

            This is depressing...I just took a look at Ticketmaster, and there seems to be quite a few tickets available. PLUS: some very near my seats for $100 less than I paid! Floor seats are now the same price as I paid for first tier seats! Think I should give Ticketmaster a phone call? Any hope of getting some money back?

              Okay, I took a chance and asked Ticketmaster about the price reduction.: no luck getting any money back. They said it is "Dynamic Pricing" and prices can fluctuate up or down, and is done by the promoter. So, seems sales weren't going too well! $100 is a lot of money for me and those going with me...I'm feeling pretty down just now. Guess Paul won't be coming back to Newark any time soon after this! And maybe I won't be so quick buying tickets in the future.

                I feel anticipation by proxy for the concert Tuesday night (smiles). Been a while since the last big show. Hope he's got some surprises up his sleeve such as some new, different song additions. Am sure he will give a nod to 9/11, a moving, eloquent, sincere one. Look forward to hearing about this and seeing some vids Also, it will provide some distraction from Irma (hurricane horror) and from worrying over the Cheeto administration's antics.

                  Total bummer about the ticket prices. I was slated to go on 9/12, but my wife (who has never seen Sir Paul) has parent teacher night for her students. I re-sold my seats (took a loss) but due to the mass availability I was able to snag better seats for 9/11 for total less than their face value. Either way I was not letting my wife miss out on Macca. I last saw him at Desert Trip and he was of course amazing.

                  Parking is easy in Newark. Just stay close to arena, plenty of parking.

                    Thanks for the parking tip!

                    Yeah, re "dynamic pricing," I've found that increasingly venues are either deliberately holding back a lot of tickets to inflate prices (Desert Trip was the worst!) or winding up with a lot of unused comp tickets, so the best deals are often had if you're willing to take your chances and wait until the last minute. I didn't want to take my chances.

                    The downside is that I think more and more shows aren't selling out and there wind up being some empty seats. I would think artists might start getting agitated, but until then I've found it doesn't really make much of a difference -- I suspect it'll still be a great crowd.

                    Though I was hoping we'd have the new album or single by now, it'll still be great. I bet there'll be some thoughts for 9/11 and/or the folks braving Irma. Fingers crossed for an interesting setlist surprise, or other treat, but looking very forward either way!

                      Ticket-buying has become so complicated, it drives me crazy! Dynamic pricing can be to the benefit of some, while others get hurt. Oh, well. I've learned it's worth checking Ticketmaster regularly, keeping an eye on the prices. I don't think I'll be jumping right on pre-sales anymore! As for the current shows, I think the promoter must have overestimated the market, and scheduled too many shows in the same time frame for the NYC area. As for tomorrow's show, I'm not expecting anything new, probably same as last Summer at the stadium, and even pretty much the same as other shows of the last few years. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about parking, as the arena is just a short bus ride for me! Mass transit for that area is good, trains as well as busses.

                        It seems like there was a good deal of promotion for these 8 or 9 shows when the tix went on sale, but less during the leadup, like you noted. In the spring I saw commercials and had multiple people tell me they heard about it through radio promotions and news articles. I really wonder if this was supposed to be part of a big marketing push for the new album, but the album got pushed back so they pulled resources from it. Hey, hopefully that means there will be another run when the album actually does come out!

                          I think it was hyped at the time because this was supposed to be tied in with a new album release. I have nothing concrete behind that, just my speculation...and obviously, we aren't getting that in time so I think they toned it back.

                            More Parking Info:

                            You really want to be in the yellow area or in the green section closer to the arena. It gets a little dicey the further away from the Prudential Center/Penn Station/NJPAC triangle. But not that bad. It really depends on your familiarity of the area. Ironbound has some of the best restaurants in the tri-state area. If you are not familiar I would stay in that triangle.

                            Not trying to scare anyone This is more about general comfort. My favorite lot is lot 2. Usually comparably inexpensive and still close. There is a lot near the NJPAC (On Mulberry just passed Raymond before Center on the east side of the street. That is usually under $20 with a short work. Arena is in eye view the whole tile.

                            Hope that helps!

                              Hope everyone attending has a great time!

                              Looking forward to reading about the set list and hopefully have a few periscope links.

                              I am envious!!

                                Thanks @~lady*madonna~ and thanks @nickcapp for the parking advice -- very helpful. In case anyone else is like me and procrastinated reserving parking, it looks like lot 2 sells out within 24 hours of the event. I booked ahead for tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to wing it.

                                  I'm sorry I looked: tix in my section now going for $110 on stubhub! I don't know whether I can bring myself to tell my friend, who is still paying me, in installments. Not to mention myself, still paying off the credit card. If I ever decide to attend another show, I may just take a chance and wait. Good bargains to be had for anyone who wants to go on spur of the moment tonight.

                                    I wish a good show to everyone tonight!

                                      Since I'm not expecting anything interesting to be concerned with spoilers...I'll be on here watching tonight! Have a GREAT time....no matter what it cost, who else is there, what he plays, or what the weather is like....it's our guy doing the thing he does best, the reason new love him so, live it up!!!


                                        He has arrived! And, "he neverrrr does that", the SUV stopped and he signed some stuff.

                                        Close up photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BY6lDSrlqty/

                                          Hope we get some new material but wouldn't count on it... Any Paul show is a spectacular Paul show though so who cares

                                            What a great limo watch. Paul waved (as always) and threw kisses which I don't remember him doing. And, he signed a hofner!!!! Lucky, lucky person.