Newark, NJ/Prudential Center/Sept 11 & 12 - CONFIRMED


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      forget 64:
      KingMacca:IMO Paul's band is fantastic...

      But no one will surpass E Street

      I second that. There's a certain energy that both of these bands give off when they play live, its indescribable. You can almost feel it in someways.

      respect your opinion, it boils down to your taste and I respectfully disagree. I love the current MACCA band.

      Well it's a very close competition between the two. I'm a Paul fan before Bruce, but I still think there's a certain energy that E Street Band gives off. As in ability I think they're both matched.

      The difference being that the E Street Band has, with only some hiatus, been together since Bruce began his career. They are legendary.
      As good as Paul's band is, they're still hired hands. Recent tours he hasn't even introduced them individually.