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      I won £10 on the lottery last night and was thinking of using it to get either Paul is live, The Russian album and then I remembered the 2 early Fireman albums are on itunes. So for £11. I can get them both. I'm downloding them now and will put the £10 into my bank to cover the cost later in the week.

        Ocean's Kingdom was my last McCartney purchase.

          Ocean's Kingdom

            a ticket to Liverpool

              CaptainFantastic027:a ticket to Liverpool

              I forgot about that, i've got a ticket for the O2 Arena on 5th December, how could i forget.

                I didn't think he was for sale
                love doris

                  2 Liverpool concert tickets. Cool.

                  Actually I tell a lie, I bought a Back in the World tour programme off of ebay the other day!

                    An awesome Wings Tshirt to go with my two Liverpool tickets!

                      Seriously I have to see what is for sale payday.
                      love doris

                        cfergoid:An awesome Wings Tshirt to go with my two Liverpool tickets!

                        ok...where did you get it? what does it look like?

                          ONe of those really really bad bios. God, it's just awful.


                            ok...where did you get it? what does it look like?

                            I searched on ebay.com and found a few






                            There was a really brilliant Silly Love Songs one but I can't find it any more

                              VERY NICE! I never saw them here in America. I like the UK Tour one too. Must go check...

                                I got the full Amoeba performance cd. I've almost run out of things to buy.

                                  the McCartney & McCartney II 'deluxe' sets.

                                    I just bought two mage rare tour itineraries. One of them is from the European leg of the 1989 tour, the other one is from the Back In The US tour. Bought them forGBP 27 - a real bargain! Also bought an AAA laminated backstage pass from the Up And Coming Tour.


                                      tickets for men Arena

                                        Wings uk tour 1979 t shirt

                                          steveramon:tickets for men Arena

                                          Very nice ... I'm in the middle of trying to decide whether or not I should go.

                                          My dilemma:

                                          I'm travelling from the West of Ireland & I have a feeling the weather is gonna be horrific ... so, to prevent me from missing soundcheck in Liverpool, I was considering travelling the day before.

                                          If I'm gonna be in the UK anyway, shouldn't I try to go to Manchester ... ;) hahaha


                                            Recently purchased Flowers in the Dirt and Off the Ground.

                                            Flowers is an album i've been after for a while as it's often cited as one of his best. I have to say so far i'm underwhelmed. There are some good songs but the whole album is coated with that horrible 80's sound.

                                            Off the Ground is an album that rarely gets talked about so I didn't really know what to expect. I've been pleasantly surprised so far. It's no Ram but there's some decent songs on here. Golden Earth Girl's probably my favourite at the moment.