Paul and Yoko Sing On Same Soundtrack Album


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      And they get the name of Paul's song wrong!! It's Lunch Box/Odd Sox you morons!


        Is it an unreleased version? "Lunch Box/Odd Sox" is an instrumental.

        Podgie (singing the instruments) Monkey

          Sounds like the msn journalist is rather over egging the pudding here.

          It's most likely two tracks, one each from Paul and Yoko have been authorised for use on the film and it's related soundtrack album.

          I doubt either artist will be otherwise involved other than approving the licensing of their tracks.

          Any suggestion they might be entering a studio to re-record these tracks, separately or otherwise, I think is highly unlikely.

          The film itself is a sequel to the comedy Knocked Up:


          which being rated R:

          Rated R for sexual content, crude humor, pervasive language and some drug material

          I personally doubt will be given publicity by either Yoko or Paul.


            It does say in the article that they sing separate songs on the album (not together) I didn't get the impression they'd be re-recording anything.

              they can't even get the name right. : old sox...lol

                "Old Socks" is an unpleasant name for a song.