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      Long lost interview from 1982 with Linda on UK Channel 4 show 'The Tube'
      Took a still pic off this for my avatar )

        0831 'Sheep have been with us for many years' hahaha

          ewanme:Long lost interview from 1982 with Linda on UK Channel 4 show 'The Tube'
          Took a still pic off this for my avatar

          that is a great interview with Linda. She is so beautiful, especially in the
          beginning when you see her face close up. I really needed to see that
          video today...made me smile.

            That was a great video... really enjoyed the last couple of frames, it was unexpected...2:

            Does anyone know what show or book these pics where a part of? I've seen some of them but not all of them...

              Interesting to know that Linda don't considerate herself a career woman, she must really to have adored Paul, because she really could been a professional woman, had a lot of talent.

                oh gee, I want to thank you so very Much for this Beautiful Film of Linda.
                whoever you are, Your Wonderful! to have posted Such A Beautiful, Enduring, Precious Moments In Time, to Preserve in my Memory. Just Really Who Linda really Was. in this Film. her Graciousness, and Honestly still remains with me. Not many Stand up Women where I come from Like her ,,but me. thank you.
                I am overcome with Her love!
                gone soo Too soon. LILY
                eterninally Greateful, Victoria

                  I like the part where Linda says she does not care if people criticise her...
                  and that she is not ambitious. She would rather be hanging with animals and children
                  somewhere than on a stage or in front of the media. I totally agree with her.
                  She did not have to prove she is wonderful, she just is.

                  oh, and I did love the sheep talk and the ram photo especially. It was very unexpected.

                    I was on youtube reading something totally different, when I noticed out of the
                    corner of my eye an interview with Linda, and here it is...it discusses her new cookbook back in around 1989(?) and her feelings about being a vegetarian. Where she refers to eating a slice of meat as "eating a slab of FEAR," due to the release of adrenaline in an animal as it is killed for consumption by people really got to me.
                    She is so passionate about her love of animals is is just beautiful.
                    I thought it would be nice to post for all of us Linda fans:


                      This is an interview with Paul, but there is great participation of Linda.


                        I was in the crowd for the tube When Inly love remains was sang