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      Those satin pants really took a beating every night!


        Those are satin trousers

        Soily, soily,
        The cat in satin trousers said it's oily.
        Soily, soily,
        The cat in satin trousers said it's oily,
        you know he's right.

          Paul McCartney supports Wetnose Day
          Cute pic...way too big though...

          Legendary musician and environmental campaigner Paul McCartney has lent his support to animal charity Wetnose Animal Aid's annual Wetnose Day, posing for a picture while wearing a campaign nose to help raise awareness and funds for animals in desperate need across the UK. Fellow animal activists Joanna Lumley, Brian May, Amanda Holden and Paul O'Grady will be promoting the event, which takes place from September 29 to October 1, in an attempt to raise over ?100k for animal rescue centres nationwide. Lumley commented 'We're a nation of animal lovers, yet our animal sanctuaries are always full to bursting with ill-treated animals. For all of the animals who find their way to a Sanctuary this is a new start for them. So please do all you can to support Wetnose in the wonderful work they are doing. Your support does count very much'.

            oobu24:Those are satin trousers

            I said that on purpose, knowing someone would correct me! (I know that "pants" are underwear in the U.K.)

              This is to continue what was started (unintentionally) in the Beatles Picture thread!

                  Just found this on The Beatles Twitter page!

                    Oh my..... (blushing again.... ) Thanks, Nancy

                    The photo from the Beatles twitter page must be from the Sgt Pepper recording sessions. Found this photo from the same sessions at https://beatlesfacts.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/fixing-a-hole/

                      My favorite:

                        I'm on a roll....

                          Paul was rather limber, wasn't he?!

                            LadyLeslie will recognize this one.

                              Nancy R:LadyLeslie will recognize this one.



                                  I like his "Octopus's Garden!"

                                    In any outdoor ensemble, can't forget the cool shades!

                                        Abu Dhabi, November, 2011

                                            Hamming it up since the 1940's!