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      A long time ago, someone gave me remixes that Paul did (or Paul hired someone to do) for his solo songs or Wings songs. These songs included "Coming Up", "No More Lonely Nights", "Temporary Secretary", "Goodnight Tonight", "Silly Love Songs", "Let Em In", "With A Little Luck" and "Listen To What The Man Said". There are 3 different mixes for "Coming Up" and "Silly Love Songs" and 2 different remixes for "Goodnight Tonight". The rest of the songs have only 1 remix.

      "Goodnight Tonight" even had an extra verse!

      Don't get too cold for love
      Don't pass it by
      Don't grow too old for love
      It's a feeling that may never end

      I was told that these remixes were included as part of a press kit for McCartney II. Can anyone give me any more information about these remixes? Who did them? Was it Paul himself? Did he work with anyone else? Was there ever an official title for the compilation?

      Thanks for any information you can provide!

        They sound like the remixes done at the time of wingspan, they were on a promo cd that sometimes appears on ebay, i think they were sent to radio stations yo generate interest