Happy Belated Birthday to Beatrice


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      Just realized today that yesterday was Bea's 9th birthday. I guess with Paul in NYC, they're not together.
      P.S. Hard for me to believe that Bea is now older than I was when I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in '64!

        There were some pics of her (with her pixalated face) at a birthday party in NY with both Paul & nancy. And lotsa balloons!

        Happy Birthday Bea!

          those pics of poor daddy Paul in the car carrying all the pink gift bags full of presents and all those balloons floating on the ceiling of the car...hope it was worth that ride for her to have those balloons at home.

            Happy Belated Birthday To Beatrice!

              Happy 9th Bea and many more to come
              love doris

                Happy Birthday Beatrice!