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      Sorry Martin....


          He donated a million to the tsunami victoms. Thats quite a bit of money to give.

            Hi folks.

            Sorry if we've given the wrong impression, but this revised forum Looking For Changes is devoted to any special concert performances that Paul might undertake.

            i.e. shows outside of tour schedules like Live Aid, Live 8, The Bridge School Benefit concerts.

            Paul's environmental campaigning for/via groups like Peta have always featured well in Cosmically Conscience and that remains the forum of choice for debates on those topics.

            I have seen several threads in Broadcast where major charity concerts have been announced and threads about those could come into here - if Paul actually takes up the invitations to perform.

            Apologies to those that thought this forum is about Paul's charity work as such.


              yes when there is any charity live show, paul gets mentioned