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      Live 8 book
      (dummy cover)
      Today (1st August) sees the publication of the only official Live 8 book. Coming just under a month after the worldwide concerts, the book itself was put together in just seven days, to ensure that it would be ready so soon after the event.

      Despite the speed of production, this book is a wonderful, quality record of the day. With a foreword by Bob Geldof and over 300 colour photographs, this charts one of the most momentous days the world has seen in decades. From Geldof's initial reluctance to stage another Band Aid concert, to the lead up to the shows around the world, and the day itself, this book is a unique record of an event witnessed by over 85 per cent of the world's population.

      The book also contains backstage images, exclusive photographs from the concerts around the world, reflections and quotes from the many performers. Naturally, the Pink Floyd reunion gets plenty of mention, with the final cover featuring seperate shots of David Gilmour and Nick Mason on the back, and a great grimace from Roger Waters on the cover. The image to the right is the pre-production version, which has changed for the edition reaching the stores.

      Inside, there are a number of pictures of the band in action, some of which haven't been seen before, alongside quotes from the members of the band (in particular, Nick). There are also some backstage shots and portraits, including one of David being kissed by Paul McCartney!

      The paperback, with a UK list price of £15.99, is being sold in aid of Live 8, with £5 from every copy sold going to the charity. So, another good reason to snap up a copy!

      The book can be ordered through the following special links: Amazon UK, Canada, France, or Germany.

        Yeah, a friend said she saw that book in the shops; I definitely plan to get a copy.

          great news ...........

            I still have the Live Aid book!

              oooh cool. I'd like to get that. Those Pink Floyd pics sound interesting.

                I bought it last Monday and its fab. It brings back fab memories of being there on the day.

                  On my wishlist now. I will probably wait til my birthday.

                    Is there someone who can tell me what the ISBN number is of this book :

                      ISBN: 1846050391

                        Never thought I'd see a book with Paul, Pete Townshend and Roger Waters on the cover. :F

                          The book is fab and its a great piece of memorabilia as I was there on the day. I love your Who avatar!!

                            Beatlesluver:ISBN: 1846050391


                              Mr. Mojo Risin':Never thought I'd see a book with Paul, Pete Townshend and Roger Waters on the cover. :F

                              Yeah no kidding, I never thought I'd ever see David Gilmour and Roger Waters on stage together.

                                The pic of Paul puckering up to Dave Gilmour is hillarious!

                                  youngformyage:The pic of Paul puckering up to Dave Gilmour is hillarious!

                                  Soft porn!! MUST BUY>>>>>NOW!!!!

                                    I'll look for that today

                                      Paperback 208 pages (August 1, 2005)
                                      Publisher: Century
                                      Language: English
                                      ISBN: 1846050391

                                        Century are to publish the Live8 book in Canada and the United States on September 27th.

                                          I bought it today

                                            I still don't have it!! ops: