Sir Paul McCartney and Friends April 4th, 2009


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      Will finally get to see Sir Paul McCartney perform on stage for my very first time. And for a very good cause, indeed. The David Lynch Foundation. I am beside myself. Thank you Sir Paul McCartney. You touch my heart, lift my soul and quiet my mind.

      Is anybody going to RCMH tomorrow night? Want to meet for a drink?

        It was a very inspiring and lofty night in New York City. The Daid Lynch Foundation raised enough money to reach one million at-risk children. These children will be taught meditation as a coping skill. The foundation has proven that meditation helps quiet the mind and that children who have learned to mediatate do much better in school and in life.

        Many images of Paul, George , John and Ringo were on display. Images from the time "The Beatles" spent pursuing transcendental mediatation. The music was lively, the performers were entertaining. Major kudos to Ben Harper, the Relentless 7, Donovan, the inimitable Eddie Vedder, the incredible Ringo Starr and of course the one and only Paul McCartney.

        Paul McCartney sang my favorite Beatle song "Got To Get You Into My Life" as well as "Jet," "Band on the Run," "Can't Buy Me Love,""Lady Madonna" "Baby You Can Drive My Car' and "I Saw Her Standing There" were highlights of the show. One of the most strirring moments came when Paul sang "Here Today" to John, it was full of love and tenderness. The rousing finale was "Cosmically Conscious." It was a stellar night with exciting engaging performances for a very good cause. A night to celebrate the resorative powers of transcendental meditation. And a night to celebrate Paul and Ringo. You could feel the spirit of Gerorge and John palpable in the air last night. It was pure bliss. Peace.

          My "Shea Stadium" stories:

          1. Stood outside Shea Stadium to hear "The Beatles" becuase I could not afford a ticket.

          2. Left the last concert at Shea Stadium before Sir Paul took the stage.

          3. Tonight I will finally see Sir Paul McCartney play Shea........now known as Citifield.

          Thank you Sir Paul. You have changed my life for the better since I first saw you on the Ed Sullivan show forty five years ago.

          Will write a review of tonight's show when I get back.

          I did get to see Paul when he played at the Ed Sullivan theatre when "The Beatles" exited the show. He's left-handed. Also saw them leaving the Warwick Hotel.

          Walked past Sir Paul Mc Cartney on a path in Ocean Bay Park in the early 80's. Said Hello! And he smiled and said "Ello!" back to me.

          He is the greatest entertainer on the planet, he has been since the first time I saw him on the "Ed Sullivan" show.

          Simply the best....


            Hi! Hello! I am so very happy for you now that ya have been at Paul's show.

            How AMAZING, isn't it?

            See ya...

              That was a brilliant gig!!!~ in NY!!!

                I think the charity itself is dubious at best, but it was an incredible show. Most people including me listened politely to Lynch and the others but we were all really there to see Paul & Ringo.

                I'm still waiting for a DVD. I know they filmed it because I had to duck the boom camera all night.

                  I'm waiting, too.

                  The foundation's own Web site even said there would be a DVD, but alas...

                    Paul looked to be having an absolute ball in a vid I saw from that gig
                    He was having so much fun, bless him

                      I had seen this show before on TV, but finally got the DVD recently and watched it. Great show! In the extras were interviews by David Lynch with Paul and Ringo (separately)