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      Paul asked us all to send in a MEAT FREE MONDAY SONG.

      This is ours, hope you like it.


      I would like to hear yours.



        Good Song Sad But So True there's Other ways To Hunt And Get Food Other Than Killing Animals I Know Other Animals Do It To Stay Alive But We Don't Vegtables And Fruit Is Way Better And Slaughter Houses Are So Cruel Giving The Animals Drugs And Over feeding Them Sicking Right? They Should Be Embarrassed And Shamed Of Them Selves. ops:

          Awesome song!!
          I tried writing a song but didn't get very far i think i will try again sometime. You've inspired me thanks =)

            okey, you'll find some selection of the Meat Free Monday's songs on the MFM facebook.

            I think I already posted this in this site, but well, as I've had great "appreciation/feedback" from Meat Free Monday.


            I was thinking about it for days and I though I couldn't write some lyrics for this, but in the end it all happened in 10 minutes.

            ... and this is Paul's song

              Your song is beautiful, Oliver I'm surprised, for some reason I assumed you'd have a rock song, rocking out pretty hard.
              Yours is a good song, sung with passion. You probably played all the instruments.
              I'll trot out my lyrics I penned and show them again.

                Well, that's one of my most "normal" songs and it's somewhere in between a ballad and a rocker.
                I don't play any instrument on that recording (it was made on a studio not at home), but the piano is virtually a copy of what I played in the demo.
                For the guitar solo I kind of sang a BrianMayish solo but this is more like Steve Vai...
                The original song arrangement is more like Golden Slumbers or Warm And Beautiful, but the producer wanted to make it sound different.

                  If you need some inspiration for your meat free Monday songs check out this video Paul did for PETA www.meat.org. I'm still working on my song, but this video has some good info and moving images )

                    Here's my meat-FREE Monday song ~

                    Animals have mothers
                    and they have a face
                    they too, are evolving
                    life forms, sharing space

                    Here's to meat-FREE Monday
                    food without decay
                    it's the start of my week
                    and a kinder way

                    I can share forever
                    no blood on my soul
                    food without the microbes
                    is a healthy goal

                    Yes, I'm going to love them
                    but not on my plate
                    I'll feel like a Godling
                    and not filled with hate

                    Yes, it's meat-FREE Monday
                    here's to Life and Me
                    ... animals, and breathing
                    and more days, meat-free.

                      as much as i love paul i do struggle not to eat meat but i keep to it on mondays and as much as i can any other day of the week

                        'meat-free' everyday it should be

                        go vegan!

                        my song 'kalau nasty (greenlight version)' (acoustic)
                        - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPk4w-aFunA

                        'kalau nasty' (original version - metal preceded by me talking on t.v. about not eating animals)
                        - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=125905834121016&set=vb.100001048004553&type=3

                        'kalau nasty' (done live)
                        - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0RzwsC0xtc

                        'kalau nasty (greenlight version)' on Houston's KPFT 90.1fm lastweek (Feb. 5th, 2013)

                          Have a Meat Free Monday
                          (lyrics to my MFM song)

                          please help save mother earth,
                          fantastic planet of our birth
                          help save its flora and fauna,
                          come on you know you wanna
                          give up butchered meat,
                          you can nosh on something sweet
                          our world can't take the heat
                          how much longer is it gonna?
                          be a johnny appleseed, it's cool, it's fluid
                          an earth mother,
                          a post-modern druid

                          preserve our mother earth
                          you know how much it's worth
                          eat veggies fruits and grains
                          inflict no bloody pain--
                          and help yourself be fit and strong,\
                          your life will likely be long
                          and those of the beasties and critters--
                          to lose them feels too bitter.

                          let no beef pass your ruby lips,
                          no meat lasagne nor chicken
                          each time you chown down on
                          dead animals,
                          the environment takes a lickin
                          plus it goes straight to your hips
                          let the dear furry creatures stay
                          alive and kickin'
                          to help improve the climate,
                          don't dine on any dear primate
                          revere all life on mother earth,
                          you know how much it's all worth