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      I received this email from live8.chtah.com. What do you guys think, could sending cards to political leaders make some impact on their actions? As I personally doubt it... Even though Bob Geldof says that "this stuff works"..............



      This year billions of people around the world called for JUSTICE not CHARITY . We couldn't have made it clearer that we expect the politicians of this generation to start to sort out the scandal of stupid, immoral poverty.

      And in the end, huge strides forward were made. If the promises made at the G8 are kept, then millions of lives could be saved. Over four million in 2010 alone.

      We just want to say a huge THANK YOU for being there with us - have a brilliant Hanukkah, Yule, Makar Sankranti, Saturnalia, Eid ul-Adha Christmas, whatever? - and CLICK ON THE BOX below to send your own Greetings card to the G8 leaders to tell them they must keep their solemn promises. Remind them that if they do not, people will die of poverty, yes, but worse from our promise broken.

      Don't let them tell you anything else

      This stuff works

      Have a peaceful New Year


        I got that email too. I admit I am somewhat cynical but nonetheless, I always do participate in these things.
        Blair's refusal to have a referendum with regards to taking military action in Iraq showed his fear of public opinion (It was obvious if he'd done a referendum, the people would say no to the war and then it would be VERY hard for him to go to war with Iraq).
        Anyway, the point is that politicians ARE aware of public opinion. I think they're foolish to ignore it, and if we keep on going, then perhaps they will take notice.