is there a live 8 complete list >in order of apearances?&


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      i'm looking for a live 8 complete list in Order of Apearances, preferably with places and if they're on any dvd.

      i want is the list of performers and people who introducted them, musicians, comedians, and eveyone else. i saw an Alphabetical list on imdb and i don't remember seeing some of them so i need to know where to look. knowing places and if they're on the dvds would help too.

      also does anybody know if they changed the orders when they made the dvds?

        also is there any place to still watch videos online?

          Maybe this can help you:

          Geldof was to have appeared with the Boomtown Rats but has decided to stay quiet.

          Each performer has been limited to around 15 minutes.

          The predicted order is:

          1. Paul McCartney/Bono: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

          2. U2: One.

          3. : In My Place, Fix You, Bitter Sweet Symphony (duet with Richard Ashcroft).

          4. Elton John: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, The Bitch Is Back, Children Of The Revolution (duet with Pete Doherty).

          5. Dido: Life For Rent, White Flag, Thank You, along with a duet with the African singer Youssou N'Dour.

          6. Stereophonics: to be announced.

          7. REM: The One I Love, Losing My Religion, Imitation Of Life, Everybody Hurts.

          8. Ms Dynamite: Dy-namitee, Judgment Day, Redemption Song.

          9. Keane: Everybody's Changing, Somewhere Only We Know.

          10. Travis: Sing, Turn, Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

          11. Annie Lennox: Walking On Broken Glass, Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves, Sweet Dreams.

          12. UB40: Food For Thought, Red Red Wine.

          13. Snoop Dogg: TBA.

          14. Razorlight: Somewhere Else, Golden Touch, Vice.

          15. Madonna: Like A Prayer, Music, Ray Of Light.

          16. Snow Patrol: Chocolate, Run.

          17. Joss Stone: I Had A Dream, Super Duper Love.

          18. Scissor Sisters: Laura, Take Your Mama.

          19. Velvet Revolver: to be confirmed.

          20. The Killers: to be confirmed.

          21. Sting: Every Breath You Take - to include the lyric "We'll Be Watching You", Message In A Bottle, Desert Rose.

          22. Mariah Carey: Vision Of Love, Make It Happen.

          23.: Let Me Entertain You, Rock DJ, Feel, We Will Rock You.

          24. The Who: Won't Get Fooled Again, Baba O'Riley.

          25. Pink Floyd: Money, Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here.

          26. Paul McCartney: Drive My Car, Helter Skelter, Get Back, The Long and Winding Road.

          27. Finale: all to join Sir Paul on stage (Hey Jude!) with Sir Mick, and, possibly, the other members of the Rolling Stones *

          *(It never happened)

            that is helpful i know it doesn't list everybody who did perform everywhere, where did you find it?

              That list is incomplete. U2 had 3 more songs. Bob finally sang "I don't Like Mondays", etc, etc...

              There must be a complete list somewhere!!!

              Some interesting info here:


                nobody:that is helpful i know it doesn't list everybody who did perform everywhere, where did you find it?

                Someone posted it
                Only, I completed Paul's show, because I don't know and I'm not interested about the others bands.

                You're welcome ;)

                  any place to still watch vids online?

                    I haven't seen a list.