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      I got this DVD today, "The Love You Make" about Paul's efforts to help during 9/11 and look forward to seeing this. I hope David Bowie's opening "America" by paul Simon is shown with the concert footage. Funny and awesome that the Fabs helped America by showing up with their fun irrepressible spirit and music soon after the JFK murder, and then Paul was on the scene 9/11 to help raise morale through music.

        The DVD is "The Love WE Make"--my bad

          Correction: it's called The Love WE Make...haven't seen it yet in its entirety

            Everybody and their grandmother knows that 9/11 was an inside job.

            The masses aren't as stupid as we were back in the day.

            All those eye-witnesses who clearly heard the sound of bombs exploding in the Twin Towers are (wait for it) ...


            Not an coincidence.

              audi You freaked me out, Buddy
              You mean you actually think our own government was behind this abomination ??!!?

                Do your research. Don't take my word for it.

                I guess you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, too?

                  not about Oswald, no I've little doubt he didn't act alone...but it's very hard to imagine our government responsible behind the scenes for 9/11, actively involved in it happening, to make all those U.S. citizens and others die in such a manner, so much death and destruction--why would they??

                    You've much to learn about what makes the world go 'round, Suz'.

                    Again: Do your research. All the info you need is out there.

                    And, yes, your Pollyanna view of the world WILL change.

                      Audi, I saw a special where they interviewed the guy who wrote this book:


                      He believes that the actual killshot to the head was actually accidently done by a secret service guy in the car behind. He was sitting on the top of the back seat (in a convertible) and when he heard the first shots it startled him and he fell down and discharged his weapon. There are photos to support this. Interesting theory.

                      The guy that wrote this was also on the special:


                        I feel like I'm about to witness a cult indoctrination.

                          audi, were you insinuating the Bush administration caused 9/11 in order to start another Middle East war?
                          Bush, Cheney, et.al. seemed overtaken by war lust, the lust for war, it was almost as shocking as 9/11 to see how they behaved--and then the ultra shocking "preemptive strike"--a nightmare time and that war has stretched on for many years helping to start impending WWIII and the looming Armageddon--I read Carl Sagan's piece "Nuclear Winter" which frightened me immeasurably. One wonders how long do we have before this happens and most everyone and everything destroyed and the earth plunged into "nuclear winter"

                            Without getting into a whole thing here, let's just start with this. Draw your own conclusions:

                            Deaths of 911 Witnesses: