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      Dear Sir,
      I?m writing you from Russia.
      I woke up this morning, turned on TV and heard the news about your support of the notorious band. I don?t know why but it caused me great pain and hurt me so much that I immediately sat down to write you this letter.
      I sincerely hope that you have been deliberately mislead by someone and this is not your search for low-price publicity.
      This band is put to trial not because of antigovernment protest but for disorderly conduct and for desecrating Moscow?s Christ the Savior Cathedral. The three women are being prosecuted for barging into the Cathedral?s most sacred space, the sanctuary that contains the altar, where they performed a high-kicking dance, sang an expletive-laden song, and engaged in mockery of worship. Western media accounts typically quote only one phrase from the song sung by the trio, ?St. Mary, virgin, drive away Putin,? giving the impression that the song was nothing more than an outcry against the Russian leader. But in reality they shouted out words like ?Holy shit? and refused to stop it and leave the building of the temple when asked.
      You said in your letter of support ?Many people in the civilized world are allowed to voice their opinions and as long as they do not hurt anyone in doing so?. Well, Dear Sir, this is the case. They deeply hurt me and millions of Russians and Christians. I don?t know if a temple is still a sacred place for the British, but for us, Russians, it is. And I hope it is the same for you because your song ?Let it be? is still ringing in my ears.
      You know I?m one of your greatest fans. I listen to your music while I?m driving my car, when I?m in high or low moods. You mean a lot to me. You are a great person and the most powerful musician. But even you are not powerful enough to change me and turn away from my tradition and belief.
      You know I?m Russian and I?m very proud of it. Because being Russian means telling the truth, searching for verity and fairness, calling the things and persons what they are. Yes, we have the heart to name a boor and a hooligan what he is.
      You don?t have the right to preach your morality standards on us. You tell about the freedom of speech ?in the civilized world?. Well, for me personally ?the civilized world? is a place where people respect their neighbors? beliefs and sacred things. You may not support your neighbour?s views but you cannot spit in his soul. This is how I feel today and it makes me so sad you took a hand in it.
      Dear Sir,
      the people of your generation said ?I want you to make love, not war, I know you?ve heard it before'?.
      Now I?m asking you ? MAKE MUSIC, NOT POLITICS?.
      Please, don?t fight for our freedom. Ironic that in a former Communist country we have more freedom of speech and thinking and higher morality standards than in this "democratic" state of yours.

      From Russia with love.

      PS here are some references to the authors who have a heart to voice the truth.



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        We did much the same here when we welcomed Newfoundland Sealers here when Paul made a case for the cessation of the Canadian seal cub cull.

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          Look deeply into your protégé Nadya and Co.

          Mod Post -we accept your right to express your opinion, however due to our young audience cannot host the material you wished to link to.

          If you support such kind of free speech why don?t you do like this inside St Paul's Cathedral? Nadya and Co can also keep your company. What kind of social reaction do you accept?

          A freedom needs to be restricted when it restrict someone other freedom and destroys ethical foundations.

          ... hope my message will not be deleted because of free of speech.

            Hello from Russia,

            yesterday was very sad day, very very sad after news announcement, sad as cold night in December, as cold day in November and as sad days full with all that news about Beatles break.
            it was very sad for my known friends Beatles fans which son dies on the last Russian- Chechnian war, who goes to that Church to remaind his memory, to the Church which was build on time being on the money collected from the whole Russia and sometimes it was last money and not so big from the poor peoples but it was very big part of their Spirits.
            and i'm so sad that Man whom i trust big part of my life just broke his Spirit which in very small part was inside that Church.

            thank you Paul for all what you was for me and all the best in your new friendship.


            P.S. please cancel my membership on Paul McCArtney.com

              well done paul for sticking up for those poor girls.
              i feel so sorry for them.the russian system should be ashamed of themselves...the sentence today of 2 years is a dissgrace...i for one will boycott all russian products and art from now on...it appears they have yet to get up to date with the 21st century in russia....shame on the judge and 'putin'

                Paul did the right thing, what's the deal with these oppressive governments?

                Wake up, wake up.

                  It's always so charming to hear shouts 'Crucify!' from a 'true Christian'. Have you guys ever heard anything about forgiveness and mercy? And please, for God's sake, stop talking for 'millions of Russians and Christians' and 'higher morality standards'! It's just ridiculous.

                  Thank you, Sir Paul, for this message. I hope it will help Nadya, Katya and Masha to stay strong. I have no illusions of Russian authorities, but I know there're many Russians, who don't want to return 'Back in USSR' and who will really appreciate your support.

                    Music without politics would be very limited, especially with '60s bands.