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      I don't know what I appreciate the most about Paul, but this photo just got to me this morning when I saw it. While other celebrities, or us "normal" people , might just toss a dollar this person's way, Paul took the time to stop and have a conversation. This isn't something most folks would do, but for a celebrity to stop and chat, well, that speaks volumes to Paul and his character.

        I can tell you what most people would do. They would move as far away as they could, while remaining on the sidewalk. They wouldn't make eye contact, much less stop to talk. Kudos to Paul! This picture is an example of why I am a fan of Paul the person, as much as Paul the musician.

          I would love to know what Paul said to him! I once stopped in NYC and gave a homeless man half my sandwich. He looked a lot like that guy Paul is talking to (all bundled up on a warm day)

            a philantropist, touched by the holy spirit and love God. xxx

              Apart from his music, I appreciate Paul's concern about animals.

                I don't know him but he seems to have a good balance, like many other successful artists he could have lost himselves in a haze of drugs, money, ego, but he never lost sight of the music.

                  "Oh, the HUMANITY!"


                    He's quite down to earth in that respect, is Paul. Although his fame and the resulting security situation prevents it mostly, on rare occasions when he is able to safely reach out to "ordinary" people he does so.
                    This is a most endearing facet of his nature; one for which I am most grateful. He is driven to increase his knowledge, and to improve his character. This makes him an excellent role model as well as someone people want to be around. We should all be so fortunate--but who among us is as fortunate as Paul?
                    Even though I've made many mistakes, I've learned from them all (at least I think so!) The written word can be dangerous; as good writing means good proofreading (or somat.) Especially when it goes out into the ether. It's nice to know who you're talking to, but the anonymity of the internet can be a curse as well as a blessing if you don't realize...

                    I wouldn't trade places with anyone on this earth. I like living in my own skin. I've come a long way, and God willing, I've still got a long way to go. But if there's anyone I would consider--even for a day, it would be Sir Paul...