Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada sang Hey Jude...


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      ...as a serenade to Netanyahu while the latter was eating filet mignon, during Harper's visit to Palestine.



      It makes me furious. He had done it with Imagine a few years back.


          I know this is an old post, but I feel like I should say something here. I am going to defend Harper here, and not because I am a Canadian, but because I am a person who appreciates great music (aka the Beatles).

          You can't really criticize the man for 'butchering' these songs. First, he isn't a trained singer, he is just a really big fan. And at least he is a fan of good music. It's not like he is getting up on stage and singing Wrecking Ball.

          I have on more than one occassion 'butchered' the Beatles. When my neice was first born, she went through a couple of months of really bad colic. So when I visited, in order to give her very tired parents a break, I would walk around the neighbourhood with her, sometimes in the middle of the night, pushing her stroller and singing to her. Obviously she was a fan of great music too, because the only song that she would stop singing for was 'I Want to Hold Your Hand.' I know for a fact that I didn't do it justice, especially not at 3am when I am tired, but I sang it anyway....over and over and over again, and to this day it is still the calming song that all of my neices love to hear me sing.

          Good music is something to be loved, admired, and sung. Even if it isn't sung well. Harper isn't trying to be offensive or ruin the song. He is merely enjoying himself, enjoying music, and giving a compliment to the best of the best.

          At least that's my take on it.