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      Daniel Day Lewis was awarded by his acting peers for his portrayal of Honest Abe Lincoln, and Jennifer Lawrence won the top acting award ("Silver Linings Playbook") for drama, for an actress. Tommy Lee Jones ("Lincoln") best supporting, also Anne Hathaway best supporting for "Les Miserables," a movie which touched me deeply. Ben Affleck's

        DDL did not deserve it imo--Hugh Jackman should have won!!

          I would LOVE for Hugh Jackman to win--I'm sure Day Lewis was impressive, as usual, but Hugh in Les Miz really touched me deeply. The music was beautiful and the singing good, and a strong spiritual component added a lot, the acting is deeply felt, that "Borat" guy and Helena Bonham Carter were a hoot with their comic relief and that scene where Eddie Redmayne mourned his lost revolutionary colleagues--"empty chairs at the table" wow I nearly lost it , it was so moving. The message and theme are timely and profound, of Les Miz. At first I thought, I can't go see this, it'll be too depressing, but when I did was tremendously glad I had. That movie blew all the others out of the water this year that I've seen.
          "Silver Linings Playbook" is a great flick set in present times (although a little too much football talk and screaming and yelling and cussing, I thought). "Argo" sounds like it's a good 'un, but I don't want it to win out over "Les Miz" (in the Oscars) although I suppose "Lincoln" might haul off the most important gold. At the time, I felt "Lincoln" looked too old timey and dusty and old fashioned to interest me much, and I'm used to seeing my 1880s period dramas set in England--but now I'm wishing I'd seen "Lincoln," those were extraordinarily dramatic events in Lincoln's and the nation's life in his last days. Breathtakingly so. I dreaded Civil War battle scenes and seeing Lincoln assassinated.

            The Best Actress Oscar race this year is interesting, seems open--"Entertainment Weekly" mag seems to want Jessica Chastain to win for the killing Obama film, but Jennifer Lawrence ("Hunger Games") won the SAG for her leading role in "Silver Linings Playbook," so it makes you wonder. I found the red headed Chastain impressive in the heavy drama "Give Me Shelter" but when my sister pointed out she gets her mixed up with another redhead actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, "Opie's daughter" suddenly Jessica C. seemed less outstanding to me. I don't suppose that's fair. She does look an awful lot like "Opie's daughter" though, doesn't she?
            I would have loved a fave of mine, the beautiful sensitive Marion Cotillard, to have at least been nominated for "Rust and Bone" and also to have won. She won for "La Vie En Rose" so one would assume she'd at least be nominated for her new one, that her previous win would have garnered her a lot of attention this time. But that didn't happen She probably snared enough votes to almost get nominated.