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      If I can get those books sorted tomorrow, off to the trader's I go

        If there was a world wide WYD except, for every one, how would that be?

          if I weren't here, I'd be there.

            if they had not made the money sucker party, I would be there.

              if it's still hot out later on, I'm jumping into the pool

                if life was a musical where people sang their feelings by songs in public or wherever they are how would that be?

                  if only the economy wasn't so blasted scary right now

                    If .......I could feel your touch, I would melt.

                      If he finds out he's finally getting karate lessons starting next month, he'll drive us all bonkers

                        The_Fool:If I did nothing about it ...... this thread would be shreds.
                        Instead- of regrets -
                        or forgets
                        this If thread has a chance
                        if only
                        if .......
                        I click submit -
                        and do not delete ...
                        I must admit -
                        it's not complete ....
                        I'm not ready to see it go .... like tossing a gift ....
                        if only

                        If I let it go one more page it may
                        have gone away -
                        if I got too casual
                        and thought it would stay another day ....
                        if I miss you -
                        I know I wish you
                        and harmony
                        in the universe


                          tomato ooch!!! whoa!!! tomato

                          "if i had a hammer..." (everything flying at me now from all of your directions!!!!) tomato Ouch!!!!!

                          tomato Yikes!! alright, already!! tomato

                            patpatpatti:(love that!!)

                            "if i had a hammer..." (everything flying at me now from all of your directions!!!!)

                            If I had a tomato!!!

                              If I was her mum & not her aunt, her life would be so different. If she was my daughter & not my grand niece, I could do so much more for her.

                                If I was HER I'd never have given him up......but since I am not HER.....I suffer from the past they created.

                                If I had eyes in the back of my head, I would have told you that you looked good as I walked away.

                                  If I wery feel his pain in lifee him id cry everyday since im not I cannot i can only feel his pain in life

                                    If I started doing some of the stuff I should be doing around the house .....
                                    instead of being here
                                    I would have made my first dent in what needs to be done

                                    If you saw the "exciting things" that need to be done around my house ...
                                    you would know why I am here now.


                                      If only the construction were finally finished..... If only sales would pick up again..... If only they didn't stick us with the horrible sub letter carrier that screwed up mail delivery royally all week.

                                        If he would have only got one more number on that lottery ticket...

                                          If I was a millionaire

                                            If he just knew I liked him it would make life eaiser and if u just layed down to die everything would go away and life would be eaiser and u could restart your life with no if's in life