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      This is an opportunity to give the rest of the fannys on here a nudge in the direction of something.......NON BEATLE, NON PAUL, NON MUSIC......none of the usual stuff.

      Tell us about something you've found ont' net that we might like........could be something you've found on You Tube etc or a site about someone or thing or a page on Wikipedia.......something out of the box.

      Found the Bing Crosby page on Wiki very interesting......especially if you like the history of tape recording, laughter tapes etc.....never knew he was so important in that area.

      And have just watched to superb comedy 'The Phantom Rasberry Blower of Old London Town' written by mad genius Spike Milligan of 'The Goons' fame and performed by The Two Ronnies on You Tube.

      Also the legendary and brilliantly funny Eric and Ernie (Morecambe and Wise) on You Tube (including one with the boys).

        You Tubers both......

        Peter Beardsley playing soccer.......genius.

        A documentary piece called 'Night Mail' with a classic poem by WH Auden.

          More tube stuff

          Julie Walters in 'Two Soups' from Victoria Wood's TV classics.

          Max Miller.....very little material on tape of this the UK's greatest ever music hall stand up comedian from long, long ago.

          Les Dawson.......Cissie and Ada etc brilliant.

          The Legendary Tommy Cooper......arguably, the UK's funniest TV stand up comedian.

            David....Happy New Year!....and thanks for posting all of that. I will definately take a look and a listen. You know, I wanted to mention to you that I stumbled upon some incredibly funny BBC comedy show over the Holidays. I can't remember the name of it exactly, but it was something like "3 days of Christmas"??? It was hysterically funny!! It seemed to center around this one woman who was taking on all these different characters ...she was amazing!! There was a scene where she was playing a nurse in a hospital and George Michael comes out in hospital gown and the one-liners were great!!

              Check out all the nice holiday movies before they disappear again til Dec.

                I love this one:


                  I'm bored so I 've decided to subject you lot to my TV influences growing up. These are just the theme tunes mainly (you can check it out on the Tube to see it properly) but will give you a rough idea why I've turned out the way I have.....





                  Forgive the wind at the beginning of the next one....I've just had a curry....







                  I may put through more later this week........if you're unlucky.....

                    My close-ish relation the legendary Music Hall artiste and actor MAX WALL.

                    I'll try and find another piece of film of him later.


                    Original version....


                    You're getting a good picture of me now aren't you....

                    I don't think Care in the Community works do you?......if it did I'd have been locked up long ago....

                      A little ditty 'boot the Toon like........

                      Love this song......I think it may be a Geordie thing, see what you think.....

                      (and yes, that is Mark Knopfler playing guitar......he lived a mile away from me).


                        My favourite show ever.....'I didn't know you cared' by the legendary Peter Tinniswood.

                        Robin Bailey plays Uncle Mort, John Comer playing Mr Brandon and Stephen rea playing Carter Brandon.......


                        Then joined by Stavely in the trench coat....'Pardon'.......brilliant!!....


                          The much maligned Dick Emery.......this is funny......it's called humour.....some modern day comedians should take note.


                            The classic.....


                            Comedy's answer to The Beatles.....

                              Love 'Men Behaving Badly'......with the gorgeous Caroline Quentin.....(the one with the dark hair).....


                              Try the bloopers/outakes.......there a bit too naughty to post on here but very funny.....

                              Caroline in 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' with Josie Lawrence......funny!....

                                Oh man, we leave you alone and just look at the stuff you get up to! *leaves thread shaking head sadly*


                                  Do you think anyone noticed? I was bored and thought I'd plug a few faves.

                                  Think I'm over it now.... :

                                  Well, it was either all that stuff or counting to a million again......

                                    David deary, I've been watching a few of your funny, funny postings....thanks for the laughs!! I couldn't get over seeing Allan Hale, the good old captain from Gillligan's Island, playing "Casey Jones"....what a trip!! And that song you posted about the River was absolutely beautiful.....what a lovely melody...reminded me of FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY....I could listen to it over and over again and I will.
                                    You're a gem! the Hooded Claudia....love that by the way


                                      My pleasure Lordy Miss Claudy.

                                      How are you? In fine fettle I hope.

                                      With that avalanche above my intention was to do something different. I was getting a bit bored with the usual threads and decided to liven things up a bit by posting stuff that perhaps a lot of people hadn't seen. It was easy with some just to post theme tunes which will hopefully lead to people catching up with them again on You Tube. Most of that stuff is my growing up.

                                      Big River is a great tune and very haunting for a Geordie like me......that's my hometown River Tyne.

                                      A couple more for your delictation.....



                                      And my lullaby when I were a lad....


                                        Where I used to live....


                                          Hilarious....Julie Walters 'Two Soups' by Victoria Wood.....


                                            'Night Mail'......with poem by WH Auden.