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      It's pouring with rain heavily today

        71 now. Was In the 80s on Friday. Saturday high to be 88! Mostly cloudy though with chance of thunderstorms in late afternoon.

          53?F & cloudy
          a cool down day

            Currently 81, and going to be almost 90 tomorrow! So nice to have some warmer weather again and not be in the mid 40s in the mornings.

              Currently 72. Going up to 75 Monday with some thunderstorms in the morning and around 2 pm. Will clear up after that.

                Massive amount of rain in Missouri and southern Illinois this past weekend. Flooding in many areas. Dry time from now til Wednesday morning.

                  87F and cloudy

                    73 now and partly sunny. Going up to 77 by 6 pm.

                      more rain

                        61 now. Sunny on Tuesday with 0% chance of rain. High to be 78!

                          71?F & partly cloudy

                            71F and sunny

                              63?F & cloudy
                              30% chance of rain

                                It was gorgeous Tuesday, sunny and blue skies. More of the same expected for Wednesday! High to be 83.
                                Currently 62.

                                  49?F and clear
                                  today's high: 58?F
                                  on the cool side,
                                  tomorrow should be warmer

                                    100% chance of rain ...

                                    After that it's just wetter.....

                                    Today is suppose to be a lot of
                                    rainy wetter ...
                                    Into tomorrow

                                      61 and rainy. High to be 65 or so.

                                        51?F & mostly cloudy
                                        today's high: 60?F

                                          Was just in the basement for awhile. Tornado warnings and we could hear the sirens going off in the distance! Satellite went out briefly. Looks like the danger has passed.
                                          Temperature is 63 now and the rain has stopped.

                                            I texted my daughter earlier. She said she knew and they were already in the basement watching a movie! They have this sick movie theater set-up with a humongous screen and projector. Surround sound, the whole nine yards!