What's the weather like where you are?


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Posted by love2travel


      Currently 66 and cloudy. Some rain expected. High to be 71.

        60?F at the moment
        & partly cloudy
        today's high: 70?F

          58F and sunny

            Thick thick clouds so thick
            so gray so thick
            Far as the eye can see
            until it is halted upon a cloud
            So gray so thick ....

            Temperature might skim the 60 degree
            Fair and hyped mark

            Under thick and gray clouds...

            I wonder if my post will make it
            out of this gray dome?

              71?F & mostly cloudy
              feels like: 71?F
              today's high: 74?F
              humidity: 64%
              today's low: 59?F

              a break from all the rain

                71F and overcast

                  62?F & partly sunny
                  humidity: 94% _ 30% chance of rain
                  today's hopeful high: 71?F

                    57?F & cloudy
                    today's high: 63?F
                    humidity: 96%
                    yes, it's a bit cool & damp in the air - my cat prefers it NOT.

                      70 F and muggy

                        Its been raining here in San Antone!

                          Currently 75, going up to 82. Partly sunny. 60% chance of rain.

                            75?F _ also today's high & mostly sunny
                            today's low: 62?F

                            feels like: 75?F _ humidity: 65%

                              68F and humid

                                Great! Starts out cool
                                makes it to 70 to 75
                                Degrees Fair N. Height
                                Fantastic sunrise, slight
                                Breeze and low humidity
                                Even amounts of sun
                                and Clouds....
                                Any excuse to be out
                                Is welcome - though
                                I am inside looking
                                Out until the end of
                                the work day.

                                  92 F and partly cloudy

                                    currently: 72?F & sunny (despite the Paris Agreement)
                                    today's high: 81?F
                                    low humidity: 32% _ it feels like 72?F

                                      70 F and drizzle

                                        81 and mostly sunny. Going up to 87.

                                          currently: 61?F & clear
                                          today's high: 73?F
                                          expected overnight low: 55?F

                                            When I went in to work at 3:15 and came out at 5:30 to go home, it said 104 in my car! By the time I got home (5 miles) it had only come down to 98! Officially it went up to 90.
                                            It is 74 right now. More of the same expected tomorrow.