What's the weather like where you are?


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Posted by love2travel


      69F and cloudy

        Its been cloudy here in San Antone!

          70 and raining. Supposed to go up to 81.

            currently: 61?F & raining

              72F and raining

                great NJ damp, cool down - on our Primary Day for Governor
                58?F & cloudy
                today's high: 61?F
                humidity: 85% _ dew point: 50?

                  It was in the low 80s Tuesday and so humid! Rained slightly and was mostly cloudy.
                  Wednesday high to be 80, mostly sunny, no rain.
                  It's 70 right now.

                    69F and overcast with 5 inches of rain in 2 days

                      66 right now and cloudy. Supposed to go up to 77. Will probably rain around 7 pm.

                        Absolutely spectacular

                        Mid 70's fair and hi's
                        Low humidity
                        Partly cloudy
                        Low winds

                        I am looking forward to getting
                        out there and being part of it

                        On a quick break ...
                        finishing up the work day ...
                        Although I may work around my
                        house just to be outside

                          at the moment: 59?F & partly sunny
                          today's high: 68?F and low: 53?F

                            Didn't rain! Lovely day!

                              currently: 86?F & it was a sunny day (just about sundown now)
                              today's high: 93?F
                              humidity: 40%
                              a nice day

                                Going up to the high 80's and possible
                                90 some degrees fair and temperature

                                A day like this is Awesome in the mornings
                                When it is 70 and low humidity.

                                I spend days inside with cold A/C
                                And look forward to warming up at
                                lunch time.

                                Not complaining too much on A/C
                                just wish it could be more moderate.
                                On a 90 degree day - I wore a long
                                Sleeved shirt to feel comfortable
                                In the indoor cold.

                                Good days to be near water
                                Swim and splash water

                                  76F and overcast, rain all week

                                    77 and partly sunny now. Going up to 84. Possibility of thunderstorm around 4 pm.

                                      Miserable 98 degrees & humidð???

                                        81?F in the now & clear
                                        today's high: 94?F
                                        humidity: 51% _ dew pt. 60?

                                          It's a new day:
                                          95?F _ also today's high (so far)
                                          It's been a Mostly Sunny day.
                                          It also feels like: 95?F
                                          today's low was: 71?F

                                            Rain .... Once you are wet ...
                                            You are wet ...
                                            Everything after that is just more

                                            It hit the low 80's fair and wet -
                                            coming off a few 90 degree days ..
                                            Now the rain has parked itself
                                            and reserved the next few days.