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      If You Want To Keep The Internet Free From Control And Protect Your 1st Amendment Rights And Other God Given Rights To Be A Truly Free American...

      Then You Better Study Everything You Possibly Can
      About The Looming Net Neutrality Issue.

      "Why Gamers, Netflix Users And Everyone Else Should Care About Net Neutrality"


        One of my colleagues recently weighed in with another reason why Net Neutrality matters a lot:


          Balance View on Net Neutrality
          Why John Oliver is Wrong ...

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            Quite frankly, it's clear that Trump hates Obama so much...not only has he continuously harassed him throughout his Presidency, now it seems, he is attempting to repeal everything Obama ever did. I just cannot stand watching the dismantling of our country.

            Clearly, Trump and his family and associates have acted as thugs...manipulating the election and throughout his business life, manipulating women in his pageants, manipulating people's lives, not paying his bills, foreclosing and not paying his rightful taxes and hiding that from the American public. The pleasure he gets through firing people on his show, the Apprentice, as the President, the fake news that he propagates, and the dismantling of the United States as we know it. I cannot condone or support anything that man does.

            He is a malefactor, the opposite of benefactor...when you start pushing aside world leaders at a NATO meeting, odd man out at the G20...well here are some views from around the world.

            Australia - Decline of the US as a world power. No way that would happen with Hillary or Obama.

            The UK's Guardian - out of step with the rest of the world


            Canada questioning US leadership


            While at my science conference, even Stephen Hawking made several negative comments about Donald Trump. Other scientists did as well, including one scientist whose entire career was around Climate Change...with decades of scientific evidence and papers backing the issue. While in Europe, it was clear, there is not confidence in Trump and the direction that he is taking the US in, is puzzling to those I spoke with. As far as science is concerned, it looks to me...that China is stepping up to take the lead... They are doing ground breaking work on quantum entangled encryption. It seems that if they have that, it will put them in the lead.

            It's as if a boat full of people, in a boat that is sinking...invited DT to be the captain. And when they realize there are no paddles and are up to their necks in water...up the creek...they are going to call out for help, and I don't see that there is going to be the world reaching out helping hands to them... The rest of us can speak out, try to work for a positive change or move to a boat that is not sinking. ~ opinion of L2T

            We need net neutrality, because our life as we know it, depends on it

              They want to give it over to profiteering and freedom of speech suppression and charge us for having high speed access. Look how screwed up the medical and pharmaceutical business is because of these bloodsucking profiteers!!!