So... why aren't you here?


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      So... why aren't you here?

      Can't say can you? Because you are not here .....
      and if you are a guest you cannot reply to this ...
      grrrrrrrr .....

      you could Log in and add to the fun

        Are you referering to Paul McCartney. Yea I agree It is time he actually joined in.
        love doris.

          Why hasn't he sent me an e-mail?

          Do I not even get a PM for all my hard work regarding 'Dance'?

          Honestly, you'd think he was busy or something. It's probably the fact that Nancy won't let him out of the bedroom.

          Come to think of it... ....forget about me Macca (oh, you have), go for it! me old mucka.....

            This thread was not meant for Paul McCartney -- he is welcome all the time and anytime any day all day and night .....
            this is meant for you and you and you and you - you know who you are you.

              The_Fool:This thread was not meant for Paul McCartney -- he is welcome all the time and anytime any day all day and night .....
              this is meant for you and you and you and you - you know who you are you.


                Oooh, it's meant for us.... : Well, why didn't you say so Fooly baby..... .......you know how slow we are..... .......you have to signpost everything, don't you know.

                Where is here?

                I have no idea where I am....

                I have looked high and low but I have found I'm lost.

                I may exist fully formed in some other universe running parallel to this one but here, wherever that is, I have pieces missing.

                I may even by talented, witty and good looking in that other universe, all of which have avoided me like the pague in HERE.......

                I'll find Myself eventually.....if you don't first!

                  Interesting thread The Fool.

                  In that why am I not here?

                  Do you know I seem to ask myself that question if I'm running late. That is very, very sad because life should not have to be like that.

                  More to the point, Why am I here today and not here yesterday? Online here now because there is nothing to watch on the telly on this cold night in England. Yesterday I wasn't here because I forgot to sign in before I switched the machine off.

                  Where will I be tommorrow? Hey, at least it's Friday tommorrow and if I'm not here online, it's because I've forgotten once again.

                  Good to see you again though The Fool and happy new year.

                    the reason im not here is that because i have other things to do than be here all the time

                      This is not here.

                        I am not here. because, I am dreaming I am on a date with Paul..

                          I'm sorta here - I drift in & out, but never aimlessly!

                            I'm in the void between here and there, this universe and the next......but then you knew that didn't you? I mean, it was bloody obvious.....

                            Can you see me if I wave?.....coooeeee!

                              I was here earlier but had to get started working. Then I came back later on but my husband stopped off home before going on to another facility he runs, so I had to log off so I could go to lunch with him before he had to hit the road.

                              Then I came back for a bit but then it was getting close to time for the school bus to bring our kid home. So I was off again & now I'm back.


                                Well, when I'm not here, it's because . . . I am doing my laundry, paying bills, buying groceries, putting gas in the car, visiting my mom or my grandmother or else I am WORKING!

                                Okay, sometimes, I'll go to a bar and sing karaoke!

                                  Hey may be paul should sneak in and post in cognito and join in the fun. Perhaps we could teach him a few things or vice aversa
                                  love doris.

                                    I'm here at the moment but in a bit will not be here, as I really must get some work done!

                                      i have been here for years

                                        i am in and out... especially when Paul is about

                                          I'm here in spirit.

                                          I'm not here in person because I'm working every day and just too tired at the end of the day to log in here. But I'm here today for a short time and I may be here on Sunday - who knows?

                                            Went to bed late last nite. Got up early & went to family breakfast. Came home - took dogs out. Ran errands. Watered plants. Took dogs out again.
                                            Now I'm here but will be off again soon!