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      Hi, I'm back. I think.

      Life can change in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I've learned that lesson the hard way. Almost 5 mths ago I had an extremely severe accident, which is why I haven't been here. When I woke up 3 three days later I was told I would no longer be able to walk. I'd be in a wheelchair from now on. The last few mths I've been in a Rehab Hospital, where I relearned to dress/undress myself, use the bathroom by myelf again, among other things, as well as daily physio. I can't go back to my old home again, and am now being processed to go to an "Assisted Living" complex. So appreciate the life you got, folks. You never know when it could change. Or how fast it can happen.

      I have missed you guys soooo much. And now that I am well enuff--and this hospital has a computer room--I hope to visit more often. I hope everyone here is doing ok.

      Talk to ya later.

        I'm very sorry to hear this. Just keep your chin up as there's always hope for a better tomorrow. Managing things in your life, such as your ADL's, etc should help you feel better. Take care and best wishes (and continue to feel better)

          Thanks. Much appreciated.

          Gotta go, as time in this PC room is limited.

            (((Little Laura))) check in any time for support or a pleasant diversion. I know it has helped me.

              So sorry to hear this, Little Laura, be well, and get better every day. What you just told can really put other people's problems in perspective. Thank you for finding the courage to share, and may you progress more and more all the time, and amaze everyone and yourself with all you're able to do eventually. Please don't give up hope and faith.

                Sorry to hear this Little Laura

                Your words are very inspirational
                I am sending good thoughts, prayers, wishes your way -
                take care of yourself -
                thanks for sharing this here today

                  Very sorry to hear about your accident. Wish I could say something inspirational to you but...words fail me. I know how thankful we all should be for what we do have. I hope you can listen to some great Macca music & may it take you to a beautiful place. You will be in my thoughts & prayers.

                    Little Laura, I am sending you Love and healing prayers.
                    We are all here if you need us. Glad you are back.

                      Thanks guys, it really helps. Especially on my bad days.

                      I'm on a floor of the hospital where they have 2 wings Rehab patients and 2 wings permanent residents. We all mix together & get to know each other. So when a resident dies, it's a sad day here. Also since I've been here 2 Rehab patients have died--one just gave up & shut down just a few days ago. That's really tough to take. She had been my roommate. Double tough.

                      But the good thing is here they are all--staff & patients/residents alike--VERY supportive. Every progress you make--no matter how tiny-- is applauded like you won an Academy Award. Which really, really helps.

                      My family has been surprisingly supportive too. I guess this really scared them.

                      I've been trying out a demo wheelchair from a local company this week; and based on what I like & dislike, they will build one of my own. [it's a manual, as I can still handle that kind]. I like the combo colour of black & a racy red. Cool. [Luckily my coverage will cover most of the cost, which is a relief.]. I'm thinkin' of sticking a "Formula 1" sticker on the back when I get my own. Vrooooom....... Why not????

                        Little Laura... sending you many prayers, support and hope for all the possible recovery you can have...

                        I can't even imagine how you must feel, or how it was for you losing your roommate That must have been really difficult for you on top of what you must be going through. Hang in there... we are here for you... just reach out to us...

                        It sounds like you have a really good attitude Vrooooom....... Why not???? I like the red and black idea of your chair!!! You go girl!!!

                        When I was in a chair for a year with a smashed foot... I couldn't see very far ahead and there were some really dark days...and lots of pain. The doctor said I would always limp and that I lost the arch in my foot... he was wrong on both counts...Fast forward 4 years and I have improved more than I had ever ever believed possible... so please don't give in... Stay with us... we will help keep you looking forward Attitude is key... one day at a time...

                          Please p.m. me if you'd like, Laura. Please let us know what's going on with you, and how we could help. Your heart breaking story and your determination to prevail, have really touched me deeply. To think, people (me too) make mountains out of mole hills, have a snit fit over just little things, what would we do if something truly momentous, tragic and life-changing happened? You've really made a lot of people think, and feel.
                          You're really contributing to humanity and making a difference.

                            Oh Laura I am so sorry to hear this news. You have always been so supportive of those of us going through bad or difficult times, now it's your turn to get support from us. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and certainly backing you to prove those docs wrong. Sure seems that you are keeping apositive attitude and that's half the battle.

                            I don't want to probe or seem too invasive, but if it's not too personal, would you care to share what happened? Was this a car accident?

                            Regardless, you are among friends here and we are pulling for ya... try to keep your chin up... we are here for you, so please keep us posted on your progress.

                              HI LITTLE LAURA,

                              Let me start by saying God Bless You, Sweetie!

                              I am Very Sorry to hear of your accident but PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP ON LIFE! Where there is Life there is HOPE, Sweetie!

                              I have no doubt you will make lemonade out of the lemons you have been dealt because I believe in the Human Spirit and I Believe In You! We are all Human and that makes us all imperfect, so you are not alone! Some of us just have different obstcles to overcome.

                              I am a good listener! PM me if you wish! Listen to Paul & The Beatles to cheer you up! A BIG Cyber Hug "From Me To You"!

                              Will you be my Cyber Valentine? I am single and need a Cyber Valentine! ;)

                              I look forward to hearing how you are doing and will keep an eye out for your posts!

                                Hi Laura - I'm sending you this message to let you know that life goes on. I know this, because in 1966, when I was 9y/o, I was shot by a family member (accidentally) and have been a paraplegic since that time.
                                There will be many hard times ahead for you, ups and downs, times when you may feel it's not worth the effort to try. Keep working and trying to better yourself! Make every muscle in your body that still functions, function the very best it can.
                                Life is worth living if YOU make it so.
                                PM me if you like.


                                  I am so moved by all your replies and thoughts. Thank-you. It really does help. I do have dark days--and frustrating ones too--and some days I feel like I'm in a dream. And it's been so hard giving up my old home/life. But as some here have said: one day at a time.

                                  Today I thought I'd "introduce" you to a few of the characters we have here, which do provide amusement, however inadvertantly.

                                  There's Jeannie, one of the permanent residents. A delightful senior who's lost a lot of cognizant brain function. Almost always cheerful, she's our resident "escape artist" Aways trying to escape from here on her wheechair. She has made it many times out the building and halfway down the block. Once several blocks away in a shopping mall! She's always brought back wearing a big grin.

                                  Karl, a staff member, is the floor's hunk--in his mind that is. Thinks he's a Harrison Ford. A bit of a ham too. Crazy for T-shirts from other countries.

                                  Anna, a fellow Rehab, is the female version of "House" atittude-wise. A feminine version of a curmudgion. Loves to tell stories of the old days. [she's 84]. I'll miss her as she's finally going home on Friday.

                                  Ingrid is an 80-something scamp. A real hoot. Think of a 15 year old schoolgirl you knew, always up for some harmless mischief. She always can make me giggle. Another Rehaber who's going home soon.

                                  Then there's Ted, who can never get enuff food. Always on the lookout for a snack.

                                  Rick always has a good joke, and loves to play cards. He has such an upbeat atittude it's easy to forget how seriously ill he really is. He usually joins our card table which is where I hang out when I'm not at physio.

                                  I've taken up learning how to knit as another way to pass the time. Right now I'm [trying] knitting a cap.

                                  Gotta go. PC time is over.

                                    One day no person will have to be traped as you are. yov must always believe in the soul. the soul is more real than the flesh we just enjoy the fleshy life

                                      Paulspanther:One day no person will have to be traped as you are. yov must always believe in the soul. the soul is more real than the flesh we just enjoy the fleshy life

                                      Cheery little thing, aren't you? I'm not "trapped" by my wheelchair; quite the opposite. My wheels liberate me - I am able to go nearly anywhere I like. My wheels allow me mobility, which I otherwise would not have.

                                      Nor do I live in my wheelchair. I get out of it in movie theaters, to take a shower, to go to bed (where I sleep or have sex,) to sit on the sofa in my house or friends homes, to lie on the floor, to play in the grass with my dog.....get the picture?

                                      Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be able to walk, but don't EVER tell me I'm "trapped." Save that profound crap you said for someone else. :

                                        You got moxie and chutzpah and nerve and affirmative life force and all that good stuff, LovelyLinda You go, girl Nobody should feel sorry for you. Be well and happy
                                        From what I know of ya, I love ya (and Laura). You have real strength and "true grit"

                                          Ditto from me too. Please feel free to chat about obstacles any of you have overcome or are fighting. This is the perfect thread for it.

                                          Just a short bit today. When talking about my fellow "inmates", I forgot to mention our resident "opera" singer. Well that's what we call her. It's a tiny lady from China, who every so often bursts out into song--in some chinese dialect. She waves her arms around as she sings. She's got lungs enuff that you can hear her over half the floor! When you wave at her she nods so vigerously I'm afraid her head might fall off! Always with a big grin. Soooo cute.

                                          Anyhow, not much news to report. Still waiting for my own wheels to arrive, and dreading the day the guy shows up to reclaim the Demo one I've been using. This one's sooo much cooler than the standard ones they have here to use. Hopefully only when mine's ready, is when he shows up.

                                          It's been snowing here. A bit of a surprise at this time of year for here. Not that I can go much anywhere yet! I did get to get out before the snow last weekend for a few hours. A couple of patients and I got to go down to a local Mall for some "retail therapy". Great fun! I got a cute sweater. First time I got to go out for some fun time since this thing happend. Boy did I need it!

                                          Anyhow that's about it.

                                            Just a bit of news today. I have to go for an ultra sound tomorrow--which I'm not looking forward to. Not the actual procedure, that's not bad. It's the prep I hate. You have to drink 24 fl oz of water 1 hour before. That's a lot of fluid! I'll be glad when it's over. Ick.

                                            ps: I can't make the bold, italics, underline, etc, work. Huh?