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      Read on:http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/news/magalerts.html

      The World Beatles Forum fanzine is proud to announce
      that the July / August issue contains an exclusive,
      8 thousand word interview with Paul's guitarist, Rusty
      ANDERSON. When Corinne Dekker, publicist for Rusty,
      read our interview, she stated, ". . . this is the best one I have read, yet. I absolutely love it."
      Rusty discusses how he joined the band, unreleased
      songs, recording, rehearsals and soundchecks, concert
      goof-ups, the world tour: Moscow, Toronto, Rome, working
      with Paul - the man and boss, his new album - "Undressing
      Underwater" and recording with Paul on Hurt Myself,
      concert tour security, and many other topics.

      Has anyone read it?

        I don't know what it is about the picture of Rusty at this link


        but he looks absolutely, stunningly, amazingly, gorgeous!

          I have to let Brad from WBF know they arrived. It's a great interview.

            Thanks, Corinne. You are very quick to respond!

              ~wHOS cORRINE???........ lol..... I met one of Rustys friends at the airport a blondie of a lady!` I forgot her name tho~ ops: Rusty rocks and I cannot believe his great playing that night in Liverpool~ all the Guys rock NOT A LITTLE but ALOT ALOT!!!~

                Harley, you probably met Martha at the airport. I got to Liverpool on Saturday and went home on Monday morning; that Monday I was so late I had to run for it. But what a fun trip that was! And what great people I met.


                  Wow, how strange...I was just looking up what Ednaswap's band members are doing now on UBL.com (Rusty was in Ednaswap in the mid 90s), and I looked up Paul Bushnell (the bassist)'s credits. He played on Shakira's "Laundry Service" album, which Abe and Brian also played on! Abe brought Brian into Paul's tour because he knew him from Shakira's album (or possibly earlier than that)! I never realized how connected the music industry is...it's just like that "Six Degrees of Separation" game! AMAZING!

                    I've noticed that too.

                      Paul Bushnell also plays on "Undressing Underwater."

                        corinne:Harley, you probably met Martha at the airport. I got to Liverpool on Saturday and went home on Monday morning; that Monday I was so late I had to run for it. But what a fun trip that was! And what great people I met.

                        ahhh Well Tell her I said HELLO~ see me to left and if she gets online maybe she might rember me... she did mention the hat~ damn I just miss England~ ops:

                          NEW ALBUM 'UNDRESSING UNDERWATER' IS OUT VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          In the meantime, here's a lovely quote taken from Jorie Gracen's website.

                          September 5, 2003 -- World Beatles Forum Fanzine

                          "The more I know Paul, the more I love him. I've always loved him. I've obviously been a big Beatles fan, but as I see the inner workings of the way things could be and the way they are, I just have so much respect for him.

                          "All I can say is for anyone who's interested, Paul is a fantastic person. He's a family person. He is a mentor to me, now more as a personality and someone who is truly concerned with other people's well-being and he's a very social, wonderful guy. And yet he's still able to switch into rock star, musician, creator, painter--all of that kind of stuff--artist. He's an artist. He somehow fuses art with social skills and that's an art too. I love him. He's a great guy.

                          "He's such an incredible singer, obviously. But the thing I've noticed that's weird is that he has a break at G. He can just get a G which is a common break for people. Mine's actually a little lower. But then, after that, he has this whol other range that he shifts into where he has a break at about C which is weird. It's like he has this whole other voice that most people don't have. Once he gets above a G, then G-sharp is easy. It's really weird...He has this freaky instrument. It's like it's alien. And he's always singing. He'll introduce somebody and walk back to the piano. He'll be singing on the way back. We'll be playing some music riffs that are completely instrumental--Band on the Run or something and I'm standing next to him and nd hearing him sing the whole melody along with it.. no microphones by him, but he's just one of thsoe freaky guys who just has this incredibly durable, incredibly wide-ranged, versatile, beautiful instrument of a voice." -- Rusty Anderson

                            We'll give you the exact release date for "Undressing Underwater" as soon as it is confirmed - you will LOVE it.

                            There's also a wonderful interview with Rusty in Simone's magazine, great photos etc. He did a lot of super interviews over the past few months. And, of course, there's a wonderful audio interview on Macca Central.

                              hi there corinne!
                              is rusty's new album going to be released in asia? i thought you might know something about it. i'd love to hear his album so much.

                                As soon as I have dates and details, I will let you know - but you will be able to buy it online as well, and you will just love it!


                                  ~ Corrine.......since I cannot ask Rusty a question myself....Can you ask him if he saw that wild girl with the ribbins in her hair & a black top hat that said MACCA io it!! sikver glittery letters!~ please....woohooooo!!~ I also had a huge sign saying Hello hello Paul,...etc with reflective lettering!!! Oh yeah in Liverpool!!!!~

                                    thank you, corinne! i just can't wait for his album!!

                                      Wasn't Liverpool a blast, I loved every minute of it. And everyone going to the benefit is going to have a great time!

                                        Liverpool was magic. The guitar bit in The End went on and on. It was brilliant. The band were really on a high that night.

                                        RUSTY ROCKS!!!!!!!

                                          Whee Rusty does rock big time!!! but anyways if people are interested here's a little fan club for Rusty http//groups.msn.com/RustyAndersonFanClub it's fun. and a major thanx to Corinne for keeping us all updated! and i can't wait for Rusty's CD!!!!!

                                            From Jorie Gracen's website:

                                            September 17, 2003 -- Press Release

                                            Guitarist Rusty Anderson is happy to be in England and working on Paul McCartney's new album.

                                            "We're just beginning the process and so far, so great," said Rusty. "Interacting with him and the band in the studio has been a real gas. Paul's talents are always inspirational. The tours, the CDs and the DVD were good fun, and I'm honored to continue working with him on this next bit."

                                            Rusty is looking forward to playing with Paul and the band at the third annual Adopt-A-Minefield Benefit Gala on September 23 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, which will be emceed by Jay Leno and features a set by James Taylor as well.

                                            "It's an important charity and it feels great to be part of it," he said. "They're removing landmines and helping the victims put their lives back together. Seeing all the fans with their 'Adopt a Landmine' shirts in the crowd on the last tour was great. It's going to primarily be an acoustic show...should be good fun."

                                            And what did Rusty do this summer? Aside from guitar-slutting around with other artists, he was putting the finishing touches on his upcoming solo CD "Undressing Underwater." The album, which features Paul, Brian, Abe and Wix assisting Rusty on "Hurt Myself," along with guests such as Stewart Copeland, should be at the top of every Christmas list!"

                                            RUSTY ROCKS!!!!