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Posted by Nancy R


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      Thought it would be nice to have a thread for anybody who loves cats
      we had cats all through childhood and i have always found them to be very loving creatures



            Our cats drive me insane.
            One knocks everything over on every shelf that he can. He jumps on your back when you don't expect it and digs his claws into me. Then he lays wher i am moving my mouse no matter how many times I put him back on the floor, he is so evil. Then he flops down on top of me at night.

              now were taklin

              in for later ; )

                Hi Steve, nice thread! I am with you, LOVE cats! I've had a cat, sometimes two (at one time, three), for as long as I can remember. I have missed having a cat since our beloved Siamese passed away two years ago. I would LOVE to once again have a cat, perhaps sometime in the future once the triplets are off to university and the current pace of life slows down a bit. Siamese are my favorite!

                  I've had at least one cat most of my adult life. Never had a cat as a kid. We had dogs.

                  First roommate out of college had cats and I wanted my own cat. With the exception of one lonely two year period when a landlord did not allow cats, I have had cats since then.

                  Current cat Lucy


                  Sorry it's so big. I don't know how to make Lucy any smaller.

                    Cats give you just exactly back what you give to them. If you love them...they will love you...

                    If you want to fight with them...they will fight with you

                      I have 3 cats: Angel, Spike, and Buffy. Are you seeing a pattern there? (Angel is a female though!)

                      Will post pics when I have more time tomorrow.

                        Lucy is sleeping on my lap at the moment. She's my best friend. I just wish she didn't shed so much.

                          Our cats, really my sons cats names are Olympus and Zeus. Both grey and white.
                          Olympus the mama only come in twice a day now to eat and say hello then she leaves again to see her friends which sometimes come by.
                          But Zeus never leaves. He likes to terrorize me.
                          I pet him and he is still bad.

                            This is Patches. She lives down the hall. When I leave to go somewhere, she'll run up the stair treads and stick her paw down to play with me. I usually reach through the stair tread below her quickly and gently pull her tail. In this particular photo...I caught her cat napping and woke her up!

                              Angel: (keeping cool!)


                                Spike: (on Christmas Day 2011)


                                  Buffy (yes, in the dryer!)


                                    Some really beautiful cats above.^^

                                    I have had only 2 cats in my life. Both were manx cats. One was white the other black.

                                    They were so sweet and acted like dog/cats. I don't know how to explain it...they had the attitudes of dogs mixed with cat. They would stand up to any dog anywhere.

                                    I can't have a cat right now cause my german shepard would eat him/her.


                                      SurSteven:Cats give you just exactly back what you give to them. If you love them...they will love you...

                                      If you want to fight with them...they will fight with you

                                      Cats are like life.

                                        hey_kittay:Some really beautiful cats above.^^


                                        And they're always so sweet when they're asleep!