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      (I know many of us live in different places of the world. I can only talk of television in my part of the world ... all are welcome to be part of this thread. Some can find it boring if you cannot identify... hopefully there can be something for all ... and some of you will have something to offer).

      "Lost".... was one of my all time television shows. It went off the air.
      "24"..... followed closely behind.
      I tried to give "Flash Forward" a chance. It seemed to have possibilities.
      They were given the AXe.

      I have tried to watch other shows ..... even DVR'd some to watch. I have liked some .... but none of them have had the must see like "LOST". There are a handful that I have tuned in and watched ....
      NOW .... I find out that many that I had any interest in .... are on the cutting block ..... I have been told they are gone ...
      (unless it is a planned thing .... waiting for write ins and complaints to bring them back).

      It almost seems like they said to themselves ..... What does the_fool like?
      And when they found out .... they canceled all of those shows.

      At this time .... I do not feel like watching any show ... whats-the-point?
      It will probably be canceled anyway.

      (shhhhhhhh.....I do like to watch sports - don't say anything .... I don't want them to be canceled or moved on to a channel I cannot get).

      Your turn of the channel and input if you so wish to say something ....
      And of course the shows that you do like

        38 shows cancelled or on the chopping block ...
        some will have character changes or some type of re-do to them ....

        why should I watch anything in the way of a series?
        It is likely it will be gone anyway....
        unless they hide it in another time slot or give it a rest -
        until you think it is gone -
        I donno.

          The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - GONE after one season.
          The Legend of the Seeker - GONE after two seasons

          Now I'm liking Game of Thrones - probably giving it the Kiss of Death.

            I thought the new police drama series Scott & Bailey Starring Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp on sunday night was excellant well written and acted its in 6 parts and worth watching imo

              I hope 'V' isn't gone for good...they left us hanging Otherwise, I like to watch 'House' (both new and re-runs) as well as 'Law and Order' re-runs (are there still new episodes? My work and school schedule has knocked me out of whack in many ways

                Anything baseball of football related And I'm really liking Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Storage Wars.

                  I don't watch any TV show, so I just can't talk about this.

                    AbbeyRoadCrosser:Anything baseball of football related And I'm really liking Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Storage Wars.

                    Definitely into the baseball and football too - I'm kind of a fairweather fan of the other two major US sports (Basketball and Hockey)...in fact, although I hardly ever watch hockey, because the Boston Bruins are playing for the Stanley Cup, I'll be tuned in

                      The West Wing- wow what a tv show is it true to life

                        I enjoy "Fringe", a J.J.Abrams project (one of the movers behind Lost).

                        He also has a new movie out soon..."Super 8" that's getting some buzzzzzz.

                          I was sad when Moonlight was cancelled after only 1 series

                          I love Boardwalk Empire and can't wait for the second series to start over here.

                          I like Leverage too

                          ....and I am so looking forward to the return of Dexter series 5 this month

                            Why would I want to get a better television when there is so much junk on the one I watch now? So the bad shows can come in clearer? So the reality shows look more real? So I can tell everyone that I have the latest and greatest television that shows full lightning with cracking thunder that seems so real one would think they are in a storm ..... but right now there are people locked in a house yelling at each other for who knows what reason .... I guess it's a reality show that I am not watching.

                              Tonight is the season finale of Drop Dead Diva. I think they should have made this a year round show.

                              I'm also looking forward to season 4 of Merlin. But I'm going to have to either watch season 3 online or look for re-runs as I missed quite a bit.

                              I also noticed there are a few new shows coming up about witches!

                                They are playing Kung Foo Panda I am kind of bored with it
                                love doris

                                  This totally off-topic, but hello from a fellow San Antonian!

                                    I love reality shows! Here's a list of my favorites:

                                    Bridezillas on the WE channel:

                                    The Jersey Shore (in Florence, Italy) on MTV:

                                    No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel:

                                    Survivor on CBS:

                                    I also like telenovelas, but I'm not watching any particular one currently.

                                      Doctor Who
                                      Sherlock (Cannot wait for the return of this!)
                                      The Hour
                                      Boardwalk Empire (Very well done - LOVE it!)
                                      Pawn Stars
                                      American Pickers
                                      Antiques Roadshow

                                        I guess I should be glad that I don't like many shows on Television .....

                                        it gives me more time to do other things .....

                                        except ..... during playoff times (Baseball at this time)

                                        I do like the option of recording shows and watching them at another time.
                                        I also like pausing a show and Fast forwarding through the commercials.

                                        Not too many are must see tv for me ..... I will watch a few ... but if I miss the show ... so what .... oh well ....

                                          here is my list:
                                          now- BaseballPlayoffs-Go Yankees!
                                          the Closer
                                          Drop Dead Diva
                                          Food Network
                                          Angels amoung us on CMT- cause I had an Angelic presence come to me.
                                          the Good Wife--because I just Love Chris Noth! he is Scotish too. from Sex and the City! love that MOVIE!

                                          Saturday Night Live
                                          Mike and Molly
                                          Antiques Road Show- I know Antiques well!
                                          anything by Author Ken Burns PBS
                                          as time goes by, BBC-anything British, cause I am British and Scotish
                                          the Mentalist-love anything that is Spiritual.

                                          they took off my favrite show tho-Medium
                                          these are for starters ok?

                                            History Channel
                                            Vh1 Classic

                                            News (NBC)