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      I must confess to enjoying "The Voice" so far, this season--wish I'd seen last year's with Gwen Stefani as guest judge. Christina Aguillera is back, Pharell Williams, and of course the constant Adam Levine and Blake Shelton whose hineys seem glued to the big red chairs. Some good to great voices popped up and have been snagged for each judge's team. I felt annoyed though wondering if a winner on "The Voice" never makes it big while some potentially great ones get tossed to the wayside, never to be seen or heard again on the rock n' pop n' hip hop n' hick music radar--Blake Shelton did mention "The Swan Brothers" from one season who won third place, and he, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood all got together to sort of sponsor them. And now "The Swan Brothers" are successful country recording artists with a "top ten hit" and a popular touring act, he said. Hick not hipster. Sorry for the snarky...
      One hopes those super stars did similar helpful projects with some others who were kicked off the show and should not have been. Saw Tessan Chin, a recent Voice winner, only on a beauty commercial.

        Love the show! Adam and Blake balance each other out. Christina and Pharell are way cool! Was great to see Gwen and Shakira and Usher when they were there as well! That singer named India is going to do great! She is very good! They have a lot of very good singers indeed!

          These top ten artists are doing an incredible job tonight! Way

            A musician named Joshua just got done covering "In My Life"

            Very Beautiful!


              Each of the top 5 finalists have a great style of their own.

              India is a phenomenal artist and person!!!

              I hope they all pursue careers in their relative styles.


                Each of the top 5 finalists have a great style of their own.

                India is a phenomenal artist and person!!!

                I hope they all pursue careers in their relative styles.

                Wait a minute...I think I'll vote for John Fogarty and all of CCR's original
                song releases first.........Indeed!!!

                Sawyer won!... I forgot about the 14 year old bubble gummer factor!...

                  The UK version is dire


                    I LOVE THEM ALLL!!!

                    Hanna Huston and Bryan Bautista are AMAZING!!!

                      If I had t.v. now, I'd probably be watching. Also, Blake and Gwen will perform a duet they co-wrote, on "The Voice." I heard Blake's country song he penned for Gwen and was surprised. Instead of being all mushy, sounded like he was singing about them shagging all night ! He threw in the phrase "rock steady" which was a Gwen rocker.

                        "Hold onto your hats, "The Voice" fans. We're in the final stretch of season 10 of NBC's hit show, and things are starting to get very interesting.

                        Last week's semifinal episode, when four of the remaining eight contestants were sent packing, was painful. This week isn't going to get any easier.

                        The final four contestants - Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell), Michigan native Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam), Adam Wakefield (Team Blake) and Alisan Porter (Team Christina) - will now compete to be crowned The Voice. One singer will win $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group, and the remaining three will head home." ~ J. Webster

                        Good Luck To Them All!!!

                          Laith Al Saidi had a lot of tallent and promis you can vote on twitter
                          love doris

                            Laith gave the most rock solid performance of the night with his cover of Cream's "White Room".

                            Very Good!!!

                            I liked it as much as the original!


                              Al Saide is doing a beautiful job with Joe Walsh on Rocky mountain way
                              love doris

                                Loved that with Laith and Joe Walsh doing "Rocky Mountain Way"!!! It was great to see them all riding in the car and singing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" As Well!!!

                                It turned out excellent, and I am very glad that Christina became the first female coach in their 10 years, to win The Voice!!!! (I wish she'd adopt me)

                                There were so many Great and Cool things in the 2 hour Grand Finale, that I want to watch it over and over again!!!

                                Everyone associated with the production, all the contestants from the beginning, and all of the fans are #1+ (number one plus) winners to me!!!

                                Love That Show!!!

                                  Maelyn Jarmon  The Voice 2019

                                  Maelyn Jarmon Performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

                                  Last Night  May 20th... Beyond Beautiful!!!


                                    Maelynn Jarmon, who sings beautifully despite having a lot of deafness, is this year's winner of "The Voice." Has anyone heard/watched this season? I got bummed out when Kendra Checketts was voted off the show and also when a few others were. As usual. But they can't all win. Some have pointed out online that "The Voice" has spawned few if any really commercially successful music stars who made it big, after winning,  which concerns me for Maelyn. Adam Levine quit the show! He was tired of it and also has a new t.v. show as of May 28,  searching for good new songwriters.  Gwen Stefani will replace him and be a judge yet again, for the third or fourth time...I wish they'd come up with someone really new, although I like Stefani okay.