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      There have been similar threads that have come and gone -
      will this one stay?

      It is called off the wall questions -

      It could be a question like:

      Are there people who want to grow up and become a reality star?

      Are there kids who want to grow up and become a lip sync performer?

      Do you want to try and ask a question here?

        Could this be a ceiling or floor question because it is off the wall?

          If you were a speaker, would you like to be a back-up alarm?

            If you lived in the most beautiful place in the world ..... where would you go to for a vacation?

              if you were the grass,would you let someone mow you?

                If you had artificial grass do you use an artificial lawn mower to cut it?

                  if you were a musilm how many women would you marry?

                    Off the wall question - 'Hey Michael Jackson, how did it come about that you would record Paul McCartney's Girlfriend?'

                      Why is it ..... when you are in a hurry or need to get somewhere -
                      people drive slower?
                      You get stopped by more lights?
                      Service is slower? (Making it tough to get to where you are going).
                      The lines are longer?
                      The computers slow down or stop working?
                      They send people on break - so there are less people working to handle
                      the heavier load?
                      Why do people ask so many questions?

                        rich n:Off the wall question - 'Hey Michael Jackson, how did it come about that you would record Paul McCartney's Girlfriend?'

                        Though a poor joke, I suggest you don't stop 'til you get enough.

                          Paul who finally won the girl you or Michael?

                            Will I have one of those good days that balances with the bad days ....

                            where ..... something fixes itself and I get money for it? Example my car gets even better one day? (And instead of paying for a repair .... money comes my way just because it should all balance out one day?)

                            Instead of scrapping - wondering where I will get the money to fix these things ..... too much money comes my way and I don't know how to spend it as fast as I get it?? (Yeah right like I will ever have that problem).

                              Do ghosts sit around and tell people stories?

                                Yes, why? Am I, Say why, is this why? Kind of fly. why? is I make it fine. to ask why. My or my is why. I can't Seem to lie. I am still asking why?

                                So, why am I still not Rich?

                                  I wonder why more kids don't get on line and ask why to other kids
                                  love doris

                                    It it sticks, will you toss it :

                                      If you think of something will you act on it.
                                      love doris

                                        My computer gets updated all the time ...... if I ignore some of them - they find a way to update my computer sooner or later.

                                        Do you think that some people get updated - as they put it off until the updates just happen to them whether they are ready or not?

                                          Is there anything real?

                                          (sorry, I can't think of anything better, I'm too sleepy... :lazy

                                          ok, are dreams real?

                                            Why won't God answer my prayers when I promise Him that winning millions in the lottery won't spoil me or change me in any way?

                                            Why did our oldest great niece bleach her hair such an ugly blonde?

                                            Why do fainting goats remain conscious when they faint?