Happy Thanksgiving!


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Posted by Nancy R


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      Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

      We hope you have a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends, filled with happiness and peace!!!

        Happy Thanksgiving!

        Looking forward to some yummy food tomorrow, including vegetarian turkey, and the four day weekend!

        Hope everybody has a wonderful day!

          Happy Thanksgiving

            I finished 2 pumpkin pies, cookies and cupcakes thats my part of dinner , Now to cleaning up the birds, doing our nite nite routine and The three of us can get ready for thanks giing to morrow and prepare for Chanukah
            love doris
            Happy thanksgiving

              Wishing everyone a day of Thanksgiving and hopefully time with friends and family today!! Just remember today has also been declared calorie exempt... So eat up, enjoy yourself!!

              And if you see someone who is hungry or has nothing to be thankful for...if you could take a moment and see if you could get them a meal, or drop off some items at your local food kitchen or house of worship. In the spirit of giving, you will find many blessings... Prayers that no one go hungry today Peace and Love and Miracles to all.


                Happy thanksgiving to all. Be safe and share the love with friends and family.

                  I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

                    John (cold turkey)

                      Happy Thanksgiving - giving thanks - enjoy - wishing you the best and hoping you spend it well

                        Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

                          Here's Paul to make your mashed potatoes for you today!


                            HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT DAY!!!

                            "It's Not HAPPY PEOPLE Who Are Thankful
                            It's THANKFUL PEOPLE Who Are Happy"

                            Something that my oldest daughter posted online.

                              This is priceless!

                                Yes Indeed, Nancy!!!!

                                  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Eating too much and arguing with your family. What could be better?

                                  This year was probably my most international Thanksgiving yet. Since I live in China, I went to an American restaurant in Tokyo with a Canadian.

                                  Still no pumpkin pie, though. I've been looking for years, but I can't find any.

                                    I'm still eating the gf vegan pumpkin roll I made a week ago!

                                      I think I'll make my turkey this weekend. We went out for Thanksgiving so my turkey is still frozen!

                                        oobu24:I think I'll make my turkey this weekend. We went out for Thanksgiving so my turkey is still frozen!

                                        Still feeling the post Thanksgiving side effects, the turkey will probably taste better now!! Enjoy!!!