What did you LOSE CONTROL of over the holidays??????


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      Anyone else lose control over the holidays?

      Ohmygosh. I may never eat another dessert. I've so had enough chocolate to last me a very long time!!!! Chocolate cake. Chocolate candy. Barf. NO MORE. EEEEE YEW.

      What did you lose control of over the holidays?

        oh wow

        i didnt go that over board

        as for me
        i guese you can say me time

        ive been working long hours and everyday mind you
        that i didnt have any time for me

        i guese you can say i lost conrtol for time

          Due to the circumstances of the house, I realised I lost control of my ability to
          control things. And I also lost control to some degree of my emotions.
          Hopefully 2013 will be better.

            Blue Jay Hey, I get that time piece. When you're working all the time, it just gets away from you, doesn't it? I hope you had some down time on the 25th and Boxing Day.

            Kitty, that emotion thing didn't happen with me this year because I didn't see any of my family Yeah, I get that losing control of control, too. Happens to me all the time Hope everything is better now.

              I totally lost control of my spending....spent way too much money!

                Not that I ever did have control..but I guess I lost control of my temper..kids even my own grand kids get on my last nerve sometimes!

                No way will I ever consider babysitting..my baby days are over! I'm so glad, being old does have it's rewards...