America's Got Talent (2016)


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Posted by samaposhesh

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      First Show Was Last Night...

      The Japanese Light Magician was way, way, way cool!!!

      And the sweet and humble 13 year old opera singer made me cry
      because her singing was so beautiful!!!

      The lovely female psychic was incredibly amazing as well!!!

      Lot's of very talented people!!!

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          I liked the dog dancer but not the nose act
          love doris

            dorismendlovitz:I liked the dog dancer but not the nose act
            love doris

            I had to turn away from the nose act. Too gross.

            The dancing dog was cute!

              This is going to be a very interesting season seeing that Simon Cowell is a judge on the show. I can't wait to see more as the season moves on.

                They had some really excellent things on last night including a beautiful dance and light show performance by a Japanese team and an excellent group of singers named MUSICALITY...and then this young lady named Grace got the golden buzzer for performing her own original song on a ukulele. She blew everyone away. She is only 12, but has the rock solid spirit of 60's folk singer!


                  Looks like they kicked out judge Howard Stern in favor of Simon Cowell. Actually, the latter will add some excitement and suspense to the proceedings. Will he be as scathing and particular as on "American Idol" where I often disagreed with his comments, finding him wrong headed and obtuse. But he's talent show t.v. "royalty" and it was quite a coup for AGT to snag him.

                    They did well with acrobatics
                    love doris