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      What exactly is "The Hunger Games" movie about? Have read snippets about it here and there, but still lack a clear conception of its plot. It's something about post-appocalypse times with children being forced to play life or death games with each other? Has anyone seen this yet? I don't know if I want to, with kids being placed in peril and such It's supposedly a huge deal having been based on a series of best-selling young adult novels (?).



          I once read "The Hunger Artist" by Kafka. That was pretty weird.

            I read the first book reluctantly. It's a very dark, and creepy book. Saw the commercials and the scenes I saw only support the creepy tone of it.

            I don't think I will go see it, but this is gonna have an occult following like Harry Potter, and the Twilight series. Both creepy in their own rights.