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      Nobody mentioned that actress Olympia Dukakis died May 1st at age almost 90 (born June 20, 1931)  She is a cousin of Michael Dukakis who ran for President in 1988 and of course lost to George H.W. Bush. 

        Also, actress Tawny Kitaen died May 7th at age 59. 


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          Lloyd Price Dies: Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, Hitmaker With ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’ Was 88

          Paul McCartney did a cover of Lloyd Price's Lawdy Miss Clawdy on his Russian Album.  Great Rock and Roll song.

          It's even on youtube!



          That was great! Paul looked and sounded fantastic back then! 😍🥰❤️

          so true

            Daily Mail

            The Buddy Holly Story actor Paul Mooney dies at 79: The comedian who worked with Dave Chappelle and starred in Bamboozled suffered a heart attack at his Oakland home

            Mooney played Sam Cooke in "The Buddy Holly Story"

            Paul's MPL was involved in this movie. 

              All of the Covid19 deaths around the world. Praying for India and all of the other hot spots in the world. 

                BJ Thomas, age 78, of lung cancer. 😢


                  Gavin MacLeod, age 90.


                    (Just wanted to post pics to go with posts above)

                    B.J. Thomas, a five-time Grammy award winner and Grammy Hall of Fame inductee, died from complications due to stage four lung cancer at his home in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday. He was 78.

                      Gavin MacLeod