RIP...for all that have passed


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      I remember him most from McHale's Navy also .....
      and did like his acting in the movies that I saw of him ....
      Ernest lived a long life ....
      Rest in peace

      *I used to watch Andy Griffith and McHale's Navy ..... on one of the stations that plays the older television shows ...... it is sad to see them go

        Sage Stallone son of Sylvester Stallone.

        I heard about it yesterday. Freaky thing was his age was within about a year of mine (so practially the same age.....)

          I just heard of that one too. RIP.

            RIP John Lennon and George Harrison
            rest in peace!

              john lord of deep purple passed away as well

              RIP John

                RIP John...age 71


                  RIP Jon Lord

                    Any dedicated heavy metal rock and roller...since the mid 70's...has at least once...played...or tried to play...smoke on the water...on the guitar

                    what incredible memories...he and they...have left for us all

                      smoke on the water

                        Welsh actress Angharad Rees, famous for her role in 70's drama Poldark. She was great as Dimelza.



                          Sherman Helmsley (star of the jeffersons and amen)

                          passed away at age 74

                          RIP Sherman

                            RIP...He's moved on up to a DE-lux apartment in the sky where Wheezy is...

                              He made millions upon millions of us laugh...in harmony...and will be remembered for it...

                              by us all

                              ...here... n there...and everywhere


                                Sherman We will miss y0u.
                                love doris

                                  Chad Everette dead at 75. http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=745703
                                  love doris

                                    doris mendlovitz:Sherman We will miss y0u.
                                    love doris

                                    I knew that Isabelle Sanford was considerably older than she looked, but I wasn't aware that she was 20 years older than 20 years older than Sherman Hemsley.

                                      Sally Ride. The first US woman in space.


                                        Rest In Peace Sherman Hemsley ( I have to admit I think of you as George Jefferson) ....

                                        Chad Everette ....

                                        I am noticing a trend that I did not want to notice ....
                                        Many of these recent actors (that have just died) were from the shows that I watched on Television or reruns/ syndication .... as a regular show ( and not a casual viewer or heard of it .... but only saw a few).....

                                          dcshark:Sally Ride. The first US woman in space.


                                          And a lesbian American hero, though most people didn't know that till her death.


                                            Add Larry Hoppen Of Orleans
                                            love doris