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      I figured since Paul was a supporter of python, many of his fans were too. This is a thread for python discussion.

      to start things off... John Cleese has autographed 2 different sets of 950 Monty Python: Ministry of Silly Walks prints. Today it is 30 GBP which is about $45 USD. Sorry that theres only a couple of hours left on the offer if you're in the U.S. But for those not in the u.s. the offer might still be standing. not sure yet. but even then there is a promo code "promosilly" to reduce it 40 GBP. Already got mine. not trying to promote a company, just spreading the news. here is the link


        Barnes & Noble has Python collections on DVD at somewhat discounted prices.

          I LOVE Monty Python!

          Some of my favorite (flying circus) sketches are:
          -the dirty fork http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdzqTGmEcZE&sns=em
          -the audit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFW7yTOmRM8&sns=em
          -airplane pilots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh_shsRfXqk&sns=em
          -four Yorkshire men (Rowan Atkinson version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FatHLHG2uGY&sns=em

          Of course, there are many others, but these four stood out most to me at the moment...

            Peter Cook and John Cleese on intestinal modeling.

            "The interesting fact about the Arab is he can go for a whole year on one grain of rice."

              Just got an email from Pythons Online that Eric Idle's newest comedy "What About Dick?" is now available for download.

                Greece v Germany

                  GYPSYGIRL:Just got an email from Pythons Online that Eric Idle's newest comedy "What About ****?" is now available for download.

                  You mean "What About Cavett?" That's what we write now when we really mean D*I*C*K!

                    It struck me when I watched Magical Mystery Tour that Monty Python's Meaning of Life had drawn a lot from it. Python must have taken several elements from MMT and incorporated them in their film. There's the whole setting of the MMT restaurant dream sequence which is really close to the restaurant scene in MoL where Mr Creosote explodes. The MMT seargeant Major (Victor Spinetti) barking incoherently (which was pretty funny) is almost identical to Michael Palin's one in MoL. And there were several other visual references I noticed. I suppose Terry Gilliam was deeply influenced by it?

                      I'm not sure Paul liked them but I certainly do! I heard many times here he especially didn't like the Rutles and even heard once that John, who was very amused by it, to change a tune so they won't get sued by Paul! I have no idea if that's true! George was a great supporter!

                        Once, a group of us were talking to John in front of the Dakota & someone walked by & a Rutles song was playing on their radio & John said: "The Rutles are alright, but I wouldn't get out of bed for them!"

                          "Paul McCartney would stop recording to watch the show" - THE MONTY PYTHON AUTOBIOGRAPHY by THE PYTHONS(2003)

                            Paul wasn't overly joyed over Eric's portrayal of him as Dirk McQuickley!