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      My 7 year old daughter and I went up to Winnipeg and Regina shows. I bought a couple of shirts and mine lost all of the color after one wash. The other shirts came out fine. I tried the online store and they said to contact the venue. I did that and was in contact with them but nothing came of the that. This is my last ditch effort for someone to steer me in the right direction. Just want a shirt to be able to wear with my daughter to remember the best week ever.


        welcome to the fourms Brent!

        I do apologise but I don't know what to do in this event, have you tried these two sites?


        this is the tour shop


        this is the normal mechnandise one

        I hope this helps in some way, I don't know what to do in one of these situations since Ive never got to go to a concert before...

          I bought a shirt on the Out There tour that had the New Kids on the Block cities on the back.

          I went to Bravado's website and found some higher up's email address. I did get apologies from several people because the email got forwarded around and a correct t-shirt at no cost.

          I did not use the customer service email because I had read here people were being told to go to the venue, which was about a 12 hour drive. I also know they only sell the merchandise on the night of the show so that would not have done any good.

          Try that and let us know if it helps.