Does Paul read any of these messages?


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      I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and my mother lives at the same retirement home as Art Schreiber, the only American reporter on the Beatles first tour in 1965.

      Art is nearing his 90th birthday and I asked him if any of the Beatles ever contacted him to say hello and he said, "No. I tried once when Paul was doing a concert in Las Cruses but they wouldn't let me back stage." He loves to reminisce about that tour and how the guys kept him up all night playing Monopoly.

      I joined this forum to see if I could get a message to Paul to see if he might want to contact or possibly show up to say hello to Art and wish him a happy 90th. It would make his day.

      I suppose if Paul was up to it, he or one of his representatives could contact me through this forum and I could provide additional contact information.


      Kelly Moore