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      I have no idea what...how do I? Is this how you use this? I don't..understand, what I mean is, I'm guessing the concept for this site is to discuss things about Paul and the Beatles and other events like concerts and charities and such, yeah? The truth is..I came onto this website to tell a little story. It's about my grandmother, and the day she had dinner with the Beatles. You see, back in sixty three, my grandmother got a phone call from a french chef who was going to be cooking for the Beatles over in Atlantic City. (...Anyone else realize that sentence has three rhymes in it?) Anyway! She said sure and headed over. Now the reason why this chef offered for my grandmother to come along and join them was because he knew her father. When my grandmother got there she was joined by the french chef and his daughter, they went into the Beatles' room and went through introductions, afterwords the chef handed out menus. Mind you every single thing on this menu was in french, so everyone kind of just stared at the menus blankly and one of the Beatles (my grandma thinks it was Paul) asked her what she would order off of the menu. You know what she said? She said "I wouldn't order any of this! No offense to the chef of course..!" She explained that they were in America, they should all be eating american food, so...they did! They ended up ordering room service, she doesn't remember what everyone else had, but she did recall that Ringo had a nice pizza all to himself. While they ate, the Beatles talked about how scary it sometimes was trying to get away from crowds, like one instance where they ran into a car and the crowd surrounded them and started rocking the car back and forth. (Psssh, I'd be scared too! Course I would've...stomped on the gas, but that's another story!) So after dinner the chef's daughter asked for their autographs in which they all supplied, but my grandmother didn't ask for any of their autographs. Why you may ask? I thought it was to give them a break, turns out she didn't think they were gonna get as big as they ended up becoming. (Haha, aaahhh well, what can ya do? c: ) Now back then my grandmother's name was Bernice Staller, she is now Bernice Bauman, and is a happy happy lady. No this is not a 'Oh my god, Paul's my long lost grandfather' story, it's just a call back and a dedication to my grandmother so that she shall not be a forgotten memory. I actually hand drew a comic of this story and sent it to Paul's New York address...wonder if he ever got it? Thanks for reading.

        Neat story!

          Thanks, my gramma told me that story during...uh oh..it was either a wedding or a surprise party, but either way I sat down right on the floor to listen to her..it'd be neat if her and Paul met again so I could sit and listen to her again. c:

            That story has made my day! thanks for telling us that really cool story! I hope you enjoy the forms!

              Aaaww! Thanks hun, that means a lot to me! C:
              And a very special thank you for reading my story

                Any time! feel free to look around any of the other forms and post in them! or make another fourm related to the topic and post some things there! just make sure that the fourm you are going to post hasn't been mentioned recently! why do I keep putting exclamation marks at the end of every sentence!

                Have a great time here!

                  I like you, you're funny C:
                  Thanks for the invite to other forums, I'll take a peek around here, in all honesty I had no idea Sir Paul had a web site....then again..ah well, either way, I wonder who helped him make this..?

                    Auh thanks NanaCakes3!

                    This isn't really the main website but this below is. that's where all my updates come from.


                    But this site is the place for the cool fans to be at , the site above has had its renovations and is really different to what it was like last year when I found it... we need our own accouts on the site back instead of using Disqus.

                    Im not entirely sure who made this site but the answer is hanning round the forms somewhere... id say youd find a post about it In WWW.PAULMCCARTNEY.COM

                    Have a great time exploring the forms!

                      People at Paul's company, MPL, helped him create his website and this forum. Someday this forum is supposed to be integrated with the main site.

                        MPL? Mr. Paul's Lieutenants?

                          NanaCakes3:MPL? Mr. Paul's Lieutenants?

                          McCartney Productions Ltd.