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      Hi I'm Bailey, otherwise known as Plastic_Macs42 . I'm one of the biggest Macca fans you'll ever meet and I hoping to make some friends with the same passion. I have been to four shows. I love The Beatles and Wings too. To introduce myself I'm gonna name some Macca facts about me. I'd encourage you to do the same because I'd love to know your opinions D

      1. Some of my favorite Paul (solo work) and Wings albums are Ram, Venus and Mars, and New

      2. Although I love all of his songs, some of my favorites include Venus and Mars/Rockshow, Ram On, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, Magneto and Titanium Man, Coming Up, Ballroom Dancing, Fine Line, Say Say Say, Jet, and Silly Love songs (just to name a few)

      3. I have many Beatles/Macca vinyls including Sgt. Pepper, The White Album, Red Rose Speedway, and Ram

      4. I have been a fan my whole life

      5. My least favorite albums are Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard and Driving Rain

      6. Tours I have attended include Up and Coming, On the Run, and the Out There

        Welcome to the board!! Glad to have you with us

          Thx D

            Hi! Welcome to the Board!

            -Rubber Soul13

              Glad you came home, Beatle Bailey