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      Hello everyone, my name is Bob, I'm 62 and retired. I have been a big Beatles fan specifically Paul McCartney since they came to America. I remember seeing them on the news, they were singing s"She loves you", I was dazed and remember my dad saying "It's all just bunch of Yah Yah Yah, It became much more to me . Thru the years, my primary job was playing music, recording and sound production. I always enjoyed Paul's positive expression and humor in the songs he wrote, I sang many of his songs over the years, the grand kids always wanted to hear "Blackbird". In my life I have only written and recorded 16 songs and over the last few years I have remixed and mastered all the songs thru a new state of the art computer and software program, it took a years for me to learn it(old dog and all that). I have only made about 50 copies to give away to friends and family but would somehow be able to get a copy to Sir Paul, I would like him to hear the influence he has had on my life. This CD took me 40 years to complete from writing the first song to now, so if anyone knows how I can get a free copy to Paul I would be very grateful. Thank you, here is a link to the video we made in the mid 80s in a group called Traces, it's the title song of the album "Raised on Vintage Rock-n-Roll"