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      Hello. As a result of growing up with the Beatles, I became a musician too (among other things). I am forever indebted to them for giving meaning and direction to my life. The singer in my last band co-wrote with me many songs, 14 of which we recorded. The songs were written with inspiration from the Fab Four, emphasizing strong harmonies, melodies and lyrics, qualities that are sadly lacking in today's music.

      Is there any way to send a CD of the 14 songs to Paul to show him what he and John gave musical birth to? I'm sure he gets requests like this every day, but I feel compelled to at least try. It would make the rest of my life to know he has heard our tribute to the spirit of The Beatles. So is there any place I could send a CD?

      Thanks for any help you could provide.


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        So sorry, we are unable to assist you with your request as our forum guidelines prevent us from sharing private and/or business contacts for Paul and/or his staff here at the message board. Furthermore, we are obligated to remove any replies that may provide such information in answer to your question.

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        Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors!