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      At age 10 I had already heard of the Beatles and how Paul was the cute one but my interest only lie in the excitement that they were to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. Suffice to say my life was changed from that point. The next day found my brothers and I mimicking the Beatles while holding brooms for guitars and singing yea, yea, yea. on our car porch. Before the year was out I was strumming on an old acoustic guitar to the chagrin of my parents though my mom finally came around my dad never did. Paul has always been my favorite performer/songwriter. All inspiring and a pleasure to listen to and to cover his songs. Though I'm not performing any more I am so glad to see that Paul is still at it.

        Welcome to the forum (another first generation fan like me--I was 8 when The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan!)


          Welcome to the message board!

          Thanks so much for sharing your childhood memory, very sweet!

            Welcome! Glad to have you with us!