Hello from Toronto, Canada!


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      Hello from Toronto, Canada!

      I first joined these forums almost 10 years ago (I think my username was 'cdnbeatlesgirl' or something like that!) and then completely went off the map.

      I saw Paul for my third time last week performing in Hamilton (a stellar show, as always!).

      I'm almost 30 years old and say all the time that I was clearly born in the wrong era.

      Happy to be a part of the MaccaBoards once again!


        Hello and welcome back!

        If you are interested in getting your original account back, send me a PM; I think I have found it!

          Welcome back!

            Thank you!

            By the way - is anybody good at re-formatting avatars? There's one I would like to use but am having the worst time trying to get it to fit!