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      Greetings everyone,

      I'm a new member here.. I'm in the UK & I love Sir Paul McCartney & his Beatles songs

      I play them a lot on my Hospital Radio Show, We are a Voluntary/Charity Hospital Radio Station - In the heart of the East Midlands, A small town called Hinckley..

      You can listen to Castle Mead Radio online 24hrs a day/7 days a week, Request songs or simply let us know your listening in via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/castlemeadradio?fref=ts

      And you can find us on Twitter:

      And our website is: http://www.castlemeadradio.co.uk/

      I'm LIVE each Monday & Friday afternoon's From 3pm on Monday & 3.30pm on Friday's

      Don't forget to click our "LIKE" button on our Facebook page

      Thank you for your time

        Hello Cubbio292013!

        Welcome to the forms! Ill see if I can give a listen to your Radio show right after I listen to this hilarious " Paul is dead" claim. these thing are just the funniest things ever.

        I hope you have a great time here!